Everything You Missed During Our WorkParty Book Tour


If you’ve been keeping up with us over at WorkParty, then you know we just hit up 10 cities for our book tour. Jaclyn hit the road to speak with some of the most influential women in business, and the ladies turned out! We teamed up with Microsoft Teams to bring our guests a WorkParty like no other. As you already know, Seattle is home to some of the most rad companies, including Microsoft. 

Each event was hosted at WeWork locations nationwide, and our amazing speakers shared how they each brought her own work parties to life. Keep on reading for the tips, tricks and tools we learned about while on the road.

We hit up Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Miami and Austin during the book tour. Some of our speakers included Allure’s Michelle Lee, Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter, Jen Gotch of ban.do, Kendra Scott and Rebecca Minkoff just to name a few. From forces in fashion, beauty, digital, and so much more, our audiences in each city left with the tips and tricks needed to build the careers of their own dreams.

Mic-Drop Moments

“To be an entrepreneur in 2018, you have to multi-task like a b*tch.”-Rebecca Minkoff

“Take failure in stride, and it can actually be an amazing thing.”-Michelle Lee

“Surround yourself with people that believe in you, because there will be times that you don’t believe in yourself and you’re going to need them to lift you up.”-Kendra Scott

“If you have a great group of friends and a great family, they can give you that inspiration and encouragement that people seek from mentorship. I don’t think you have to look too far for that inspiration, look at the people in your life.”-Lo Bosworth

“During year one of your business you’re growing, you’re learning, you’re experiencing. You’re not succeeding yet, you’re not winning yet, you’re not the best yet.”-Lisa Price

“You need to start something with the thought that it’ll be yours forever.”-Sophia Rossi

“Diversity and inclusion shouldn’t be the campaign, it should be the standard.”-Deepica Mutyala

“Know your shit before you go into any room.”-Hillary Kerr

“If a job can’t understand your anxiety then maybe it’s not the best place for you to work.”-Jen Gotch

“Showing some form of realness online is what people want.”-Emily Schuman

“My story lends itself to show you that you can’t listen to what anyone else says.”-Lauryn Evarts Bosstick

“I like to push people’s perspectives of who should be in the fashion industry away. I just push the envelope, and I’ll make you really uncomfortable.”-Courtney Quinn

“If your career is like a meal, partnerships should be the side dishes.” -Justina Blakeney

It wouldn’t be a WorkParty if we didn’t have our guests get involved with our friends at Microsoft Teams. We had an interactive booth, where attendees took a quick quiz to learn what kind of team member they are: the influencer, the heart, or the collaborator. It was important for our guests to learn more about Microsoft Teams and how it could help their workflow and overall business. The WorkParty team used the collaboration tool to plan the entire tour and bring the WorkParty experience to life in each city. You can download Microsoft Teams for free, and use it to elevate and execute your own business goals, here.

The ladies in attendance also sipped on some bubbly, courtesy of Chandon, while mingling with each other and as Jaclyn signed some books. There was also Crispin cider on deck, which is the perfect drink as we head into fall. Core water also kept the ladies hydrated as they networked their ways throughout each night.

If you haven’t purchased WorkParty the book, you can grab your copy here. Check out our WorkParty minisodes from our time on the road below.

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