How to Fuel Your Body to be Faster and Smarter

It’s human nature for us to all wish that we could be better, faster, and stronger in a lot of the things we do. But if you’re like us, you tend to prioritize things like your to-do list or the quickest response to that potential new client instead of strengthening yourself to really get your work done in a more efficient manner. Which is okay - it’s all a balancing act!

But on Wednesdays, we feel the struggle more than most. Thursdays are a bit of a hump to when it feels like you’ve already put in more than a week of work. If you’re like us, we need a power surge to make it all the way through the week—So, let’s agree to (try to) do better together ladies! Keep scrolling and read our number one tip for fueling your body to be faster and smarter during the week, every week.

Eat Real Food

One of the simplest ways to ensure you’re providing your body with the appropriate nutrients to move faster and smarter throughout the week is to eat real food. Cooking it yourself is ideal, but if you’re anything like us, we know you’re on the go and whipping up a home-cooked meal on a regular basis is not exactly possible. The good news is, one of our favorite restaurants is actually doing all the work for us.

In the C&C office we order lunch from sweetgreen on the regular. This is a guilt-free office lunch order ladies, trust us. Our friends at sweetgreen know that the choices we make about what we eat, where is comes from, and how it’s prepared have a direct impact on our health, which is why sweetgreen practices scratch cooking in all of their restaurants. Whole vegetables and fruits are delivered to the restaurants every morning where it is then prepared and cooked in-house every day. The benefits of eating locally, seasonally, and less processed foods are endless, which is why we appreciate how sweetgreen is constantly thinking sustainably in order to positively impact our health and the food system in general. For example, one of our favorite protein options on sweetgreen’s menu, steelhead, is raised sustainably in the Columbia River in upsate Washington. Inseasted of being forced to source the ever so popular salmon from all over the world through practices that are not regulated, sweetgreen’s steelhead is free of antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides. Sounds like a win to us. We know that when we fuel our bodies with quality, real food, we feel our best.


sweetgreen has helped us stay on our A-game by delivering the freshest and most nutritious ingredients from local farmers straight to our bowls every day. sweetgreen makes a point to work with farmers in each of their regions who value transparency when growing and sourcing their foods. When you step into a sweetgreen store, you can see exactly what farm each ingredient was sourced from, a true illustration of sweetgreen’s belief in a transparent supply chain in action.

When you’re on the go, cooking for yourself and meal-prepping can be challenging, and in some cases is a full-on hard no. This is especially true when our weeks fill up with events and projects, which is why we love to use the sweetgreen app to place our order ahead of time and conveniently pick-up in-store.

A major bonus is the fact this meal will always be Instagram-worthy. Swap out your #SadDeskLunch for a meal that’ll make you a better you and help you meet your content goals for the week!

How have you gotten better and faster through the past few months? Let us know in the comments!