Crystal Me This: How This Self-Care Tool Will Clear Your Mind (and Your Inbox)

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Busy? Let’s pause for a second. Take a deep breath. Think about where you are at this exact moment. Have you taken a chance to set your intentions for today? How about tomorrow? What about for the month or even the year? Have you had a second to yourself at all today? Maybe not. We know those emails are stacking up in your inbox, your phone hasn’t stopped ringing since 9 a.m., and you are teetering between the idea of going straight home after work to binge-watch your favorite Netflix show or finally attend that pilates class you’ve been missing since the second week of the new year (resolutions are hard, we get it!). Consider this: maybe now is the time for you to evaluate what self-care means to you and how you can incorporate it into your life as seamlessly as possible. 

What comes to mind when you think of self-care? Supplements? Meditation? A 10-step skincare routine? How about crystals? Yup. We really just said crystals. Crystals are great in many ways—specifically to aid the alignment of one’s inner self and inner peace. They can also be used just about anywhere and everywhere. When you’re stressed at work, we suggest placing a few key crystals on your desk for some assistance. Amongst all the hustle and stress of our professional lives, who wouldn’t want a tangible piece of, well, peace

We had the pleasure of meeting crystal guru, author of Crystal RX, and founder of Style Rituals, Colleen McCann, at our Self Care Summit on behalf of our friends at Goodful. You can tap into their wealth of wellness content from videos to guides on their social handles. You can also shop their wellness focused products and gifts at Macy’s!

After the event, we picked Colleen’s brain about how to use crystals for work, how to transcend their positive attributes while at work, and so much more. Follow along for some hardcore crystal knowledge (that you probably had no clue existed). You’re welcome.  

Create & Cultivate: What power do crystals hold in regards to attracting good vibes and positive energy at work? How can we use crystals for protection at work?

Colleen McCann: Every crystal carries its own meaning, message, medicine, and vibration—or as I like to say, an “FYI from the universe”. Depending on which crystal we gravitate towards, it will inform us on what’s happening in our lives and how we can achieve different goals. Below, you will find a list I have made of the top-tier crystals based on my consulting sessions with boss-babe clients.

What it does: Known as the ‘Merchants Stone’ since ye’ olden days. It’s the crystal of business abundance, personal power, and positivity. 

What it does: Stone of communication, wisdom, and truth. Fashion icon and ancient girl-boss, Queen Cleopatra, used crushed Lapis Lazuli in her cosmetics to create her signature eye makeup. 

Woo-woo tip: If you are giving a presentation in front of a client or asking your boss for a raise, then wear a lapis lazuli necklace that way it will be close to your 5th/throat chakra.


What it does: Like #badgirlriri said, “shine bright like a diamond”. As a stone radiance, Herkimer Diamond assists us in being seen and growing our inner-light.


What it does: The stone of patience.


What it does: A stone that wards off energy vampires. If you work in a stereotypical toxic industry, in close proximity to toxic coworkers, or circulate in large groups in your profession, then this is the stone for you.

Woo-woo tip: When going to the boardroom for a meeting or after-work drinks with colleagues, wear it in your bra.


What it does: This crystal absorbs man-made EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) that radiate off of items like smartphones, computers, microwaves, and all other electronics found in the workplace.


What it does: This is the get-your-shit-together stone. Amazonite is a stone of the astrological sign Virgo. We know Virgo’s are neat, grounded, detail-oriented, practical, list-making machines. Embody your inner-Virgo and get organized—whether it’s sorting the files on your desktop or polishing up your signature work-style attire.


What it does: This gem helps us with clarity and mental focus.


What it does: The stone for grounding. If you also travel for business regularly, this is a great crystal to pack in your carry-on.


What it does: Working overtime? Garnet gives us the life force and vitality to get through a long day at the office.


What it does: Carnelian works with our sense of community, emotions, willpower, and confidence.


What it does: The crystal for manifestation.

Woo-woo tip: The new moon is the best day of the month to call new energy into our lives. On this day, write a list of all the action items you’d like to see realized for yourself in your career and place an Iron Pyrite on top of the list. Make a practice of looking at what’s on the list every day. Simply said: energy goes where we put it.


What it does: Stay in the flow with the energetic air purifier. Selenite absorbs dense energy that hides in places like storage units, supply closets, under desks, and corners of a conference room.

C&C: When are crystals most powerful? 

CM: Energy goes where we direct it. Crystals are most powerful when you interact with them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It’s just like any other relationship—when you put attention towards something, the outcome flourishes in that arena.

C&C: How many crystals should one person have? 

CM: A person can work with one or many crystals. The amount determined is situational. I decide what crystals my clients should be working on based on their individual needs.

Does the location of the crystals affect their potency? Where are they the strongest in an office or desk space? 

CM: Location, location, location—am I right? If you are interacting with a crystal daily at work, it's best to keep it in close proximity to your personal workspace.

  • Place Iron Pyrite (manifestation) on top of your business card, pitch deck, script, brief, trend board, etc.

  • Shungite, Black Tourmaline or Smokey Quartz near the computer, smartphone, etc. as all three absorb manmade EMF’s (ElectroMagnetic Frequency).

  • Lapis Lazuli (communication) and Carnelian (sense of community) in the conference room.

  • Citrine (business abundance) belongs in your purse, on your desk, or near a cash register at a brick and mortar or pop-up shop.

  • Bloodstone (physical health, blood flow, energy, good chi) in your pre/post office workout bag.

  • Amethyst (protection from energy vampires) on the outer perimeter of your desk or entrance to your building or personal office. 

We talked about crystals for in the office but what about when we need to practice self-care and take an OOO! 

What it does: Crystal ‘xanax’. I like to hold this crystal in my palm.


What it does: When you need to take a spa day, it’s the stone for self-love. I like to wear this around my neck or keep it in my bra so it is close to my heart chakra—the chakra that Rose Quartz resonates with.


What it does: This crystal helps to calm the running thoughts and silence the monkey mind.


What it does: The stone for protection in travel. Keep it in your carry-on.