5 CEOs Who Look Exactly Like Their Companies

You know that old saying, dogs look like their owners. Well the same applies to companies and their founders. 

And why wouldn't they? These women live, eat, breathe their companies. It's only natural their brands would be natural extensions. The great news is, there is NO one "look" that says business owner anymore. You can look like anything and be anything. 

Jen Gotch, ban.do 

Jen Gotch, the front woman of the poppy and playful ban.do ("serious about fun,") is exactly what you'd expect.  With Starbucks collabs and a loyal following, she's tapped into fun in a whole new way. We can't even imagine what her suitcase looks like when she packs. 

Ariel Kaye, Parachute Home 

photo credit: Lianna Tarantin for Sakara Life  

Parachute sheets give you a reason to make your bed in the morning and an even better one to crawl into bed at night. They're unfussy but chic, just like the company's founder Ariel Kaye. “I launched Parachute online with the intention of bringing the brand offline at some point, too.” With the recently opened Parachute Hotel in Venice, CA, the company is providing another opportunity for the community to engage. There's also the new Portland location and the recently added baby line. It's all almost too dreamy to be true. 

Justina Blakeney, The Jungalow

Bold with color and mixing and matching patterns, the beautiful brain and founder behind the Jungalow brand is every bit live out loud as her co. Her environment is lush. Full of color, vibrant patterns and plants; it’s a design style that says no to minimalism. In a way, it’s a multi-hustle of its own.  And with a New York Times bestseller, The New Bohemians (which, she wrote and shot in less than three months), a Sunset Magazine cover, a booming design business and blog, a tot at home, five employees at her office space, and plenty more in the works, Justina has reached a point where she gets her gig. “Having a lot going on at one time really suits my personality,” she's told us.

Joy Cho, Oh Joy!

photo credit: Joy Cho for Glamour Mag. 

There's no way we could put this list together without the founder and creative director of the playful and inspiring Oh Joy! Launched in 2005 as a graphic design studio the color and design maven now has collabs with majors like Target, has authored three books, and consulted for hundreds of companies around the world.  

Ellen Bennett, Hedley & Bennett 

She revolutionized chef garb and she's often donned in bright, colors. But don't get her playful approach to her wardrobe confused with her aprons. These are badass aprons from a badass CEO. She didn't want mundane. She didn't want stale. So she did it her way and now Ellen and her #apronsquad are taking over kitchens everywhere. 

Arianna Schioldager is Editor-in-Chief at Create & Cultivate. You can follow her @ariannawrotethis.