Self Defense: How To Beat Burnout


Slow down, you’re moving too fast. We know. You want to launch the company. Work on your side-hustle. Make both work. But in trying to do it all, you’re DIY’ing your own burnout. 

Seriously. Do any of the below apply to you?

  • You catch yourself falling asleep at the desk often. 
  • You can’t stop thinking about work/you’re having stress dreams about spreadsheets. 
  • Your stress is causing back pain or migraines. 
  • You’re not performing on the job, even though you’re at max output. 
  • Once you get home you’re having difficulty sleeping. 
  • You’re not enjoying things that you used to.

A recent piece in the New Yorker discussed a bit of what we’re seeing: There is an “American obsession with self-reliance, which makes it more acceptable to applaud an individual for working themselves to death.” It continues, “There’s a painful distance between the chipper narratives surrounding labor and success in America and the lived experience of workers.”

Are we chipper or are we being chipped away at? Mental health is a huge player in this wellbeing game. 

So if you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to get in the practice of self-betterment.

Here are 5 tips to improve your mental health.

Get into a morning routine

From waking up at the same time, to making sure you’re drinking one cup of water for every cup of coffee you down, there’s more than one way to ensure you start the day off right. 

For starters, WelleCo’s hero product, their Super Elixir Greens is the perfect and easiest way to drink yourself to good health at the start of your day. Simply mix 2 teaspoons with water or add to your morning smoothie. New fact: If you drink coffee first, make sure to wait at least a ½ hour, as caffeine will inhibit nutrient absorption!

Benefits of this morning must are: Gut health, digestive function, energy, immune system support, bone health, muscle repair, metabolic function, endurance, liver function, healthy skin elasticity, cognitive function, free radical elimination. Need we say more? 

The better your morning practice, the better the rest of the day. Speaking of practice...

Practice gratitude

Gratitude is a habit. It’s your best ally, capable of improving mental, physical, and relational well-being, all of which are necessary tent-poles for mental health. Think of each (mental, physical, and relational) as big budget blockbusters of your own life that you want to invest in. You will build equity in yourself. They will support the rest of your life. How you improve each of these tent-poles is through gratitude. 

Spend ten minutes before you leave the house in the morning focusing on a mantra of your own making. This mantra can change from day-to-day or it can remain a constant. For instance, if you are grateful for your health, train your mind’s eye on that happiness. They key is practice. 

Maintain your diet

It’s called protein for a reason-- it’s a pro at keeping your energy up and your body balanced. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your protein levels up, WelleCo has a plant-based nourishing protein powder. 

The WelleCo Nourishing Protein powder does not contain whey, hormones or artificial fillers. It is also much more than a protein, with both pre and probiotics for gut health, rosehip for vitamin C and skin and dandelion for liver health. More so, they contain metabolism boosters to help you maintain a healthy weight. Bonus: for days when you’re RUSHING everywhere, they can be used as a meal replacement, so you don’t end up drained and undernourished. Instead, it’s a quick and nourishing way to keep you going.



Science has proven that laughter is the best medicine in many cases. Laughter is proven to decrease stress hormones. It also triggers the release of endorphins, inside feel-good chemicals. Seriously, laughter is an inside (the body) job that benefits you in so many ways on the outside. 

Stress down, feel-goods up? Go follow your favorite meme account and if you’re going to spend time on social media, spend some of that time laughing. 


Things to remember: your wallet, keys, and gratitude practice. 

Things to forget: that old adage, “you can sleep when you’re dead.” 

Not so, sweet angels! Our bodies need sleep to repair the work we’ve done during the day. But when our brains and bodies are racing (ahem, those days when we grab a WelleCo Nourishing Protein Smoothie for lunch), it can be hard to hit the breaks. First stop on the sleep train is a calming tea. WelleCo’s Sleep Welle Calming tea is your new nightcap. It is an effective blend of herbs to assist with sleep, anxiety and stress. Pour yourself a ‘cuppa and crawl on into bed!

Okay, all this sounds great in theory but how do we actually practice it IRL? We tapped two entrepreneurial boss ladies for their tips and best practices to keep their mental health on point. 

First, Fran Hauser, startup investor and the author of “The Myth of the Nice Girl,” started taking the Super Elixir to assist her on an upcoming busy, busy (yep, a book launch, for one) time, without totally forgetting her well-being. 

And Elle Macpherson, supermodel and co-founder of WelleCo. The co-founder says, “Since taking 2 teaspoons a day and adopting a predominantly plant-based diet, I have had more energy and felt healthier than ever. It made me realize the profound impact food can have on the way I feel. It has transformed my life.” 

Check out their advice below:

What’s the first thing you do when you notice your energy running on E?

Elle: First thing I do is stop… take 5 mins… quiet, close my eyes, breath 10 counts in, 11 out. For nourishment, my reliable go-to is always a WelleCo Nourishing plant protein chocolate smoothie with homemade almond milk or water plus avocado and a scoop of greens mixed in. Our protein is formulated with organic sprouted brown rice and pea protein that provides all 9 essential amino acids give energy levels a good boost.
If I’m craving something to eat, I might have fresh organic almond butter with celery. A great tip I learned from Dr Simone Laubscher PhD is eating walnuts. She loves it because it is complete protein snack that is brilliant for brain function. Eating 12 to 15 walnut halves give you 95 per cent of your daily essential fatty acids. Good reason to eat them every day!

Fran: I get up and move. Even if its a short walk around the block or some simple stretching. Sometimes I watch a funny video of my kids; I find laughter to be a great way to get my energy up!

How do you encourage your team to take things one step at a time, and avoid burning out?

Fran: I think the key to not burning out is to create boundaries around your time. I do this by being really clear about what my priorities are and being comfortable saying no when an ask is outside of my priorities. I think the best way to encourage my team to do this is by modeling this behavior myself.

I think the key to not burning out is to create boundaries around your time.

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What are some routines or habits you have that help you stay on top of your mental health game?

Elle: 1. Take time out. I try and incorporate an activity to de-stress every day, whether it’s meditation, swimming laps, yoga or walking my dogs Bella and Moon.

2. Laughter. I love to laugh. I don’t look for it from entertainment, it comes from my friends and family.  I find laughter opens the heart and smooths conflict. Almost everything can be resolved with a healthy dose of humor.

3. Running alkaline. Every morning, I mix WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR Greens with filtered water. It’s a big boost of nutrients that help support all 11 systems of the body, from my immune and liver systems to cognitive function and healthy skin. It makes me feel calm and happy knowing that my body is not inflamed and fuelled up with everything it needs for the day ahead.

4. Trust yourself. Leading a busy lifestyle with a detail-orientated mind, I have learned to use my intuition more, but for this, I need to slow down and pause often throughout the day. Remember, you can’t see your reflection on running water. 

5. Sleep! Good quality sleep is a big priority for me. I make sure I get seven hours’ sleep a night. I like to make a pot of WelleCo SLEEP WELLE Calming Tea and sip it before bed. It is formulated with valerian, hops, and skullcap that when combined, help calm the body and mind. If I have slept soundly, I wake the next morning feeling calm, replenished and mentally ready to face the day.

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