Money Talks, So Should You

First put into law in 1963, The Equal Pay Act was aimed at abolishing wage disparity based on gender. It’s a law that has not changed, despite the fact that women still make less than men. 

"It's hard enough to get your dream job, you shouldn't have to dream about equal pay too." 

Today is #EqualPayDay. A symbolic day that marks how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned the previous year. We believe that women should earn equal wages for equal work, and that this is a battle all people should fight. Hundreds of women have shared their salaries with FairyGodBoss and their database is a great place to research what other women in your position are making across the country. Share what you find here with your friends because our hope is that the more we openly talk about making money, the faster the wage gap shrinks.  

Last year, in the spirit of transparency we asked you to share with us how much you make in your respective industries and positions across the world. We want to keep pushing this conversation forward and encourage you to talk about it with your girls, your co-workers and speak up for what you deserve. The more you share, the more you can ask for. And remember, the only ones who benefit from hush-hush salary talk are the employers.

Talent Manager, New York, 26, 75k
Wedding Photographer, 35, Florida, 35k
Creative Director, Los Angeles, 33, 98k
PR Assistant, Los Angeles, 31, 47k
Senior Partner Law Firm, Los Angeles, 55, $950/hour
Marketing Director, Los Angeles, 32, 90k
Head of Sales at Boutique Fashion Brand, Los Angeles, 31, 80k
RTW Designer, Los Angeles, 34, 80k
Director Digital Content, New York, 35, 160k
Project Manager, Los Angeles, 27, 50k
Designer, Philadelphia, 30, 97k-112k, depending on bonuses
Special Events Manager, Los Angeles, 33, 75k
Junior Designer at Architecture Firm, Los Angeles, 35, 70k. (This salary was noted as high, and the employee said she actually makes 5k more than her husband who held the same position at a different architecture firm.)
SF Ballet Starting Corps, San Francisco, 22, 40k. (This salary was also noted as high in comparison to other professional ballerinas. “They [SF Ballet] have a budget of 45 million dollars. The same goes for NYC Ballet, which has an annual budget of about 64 million dollars. The average salary for a corps dancer is closer to 30k.” 
Assistant Project Manager, Los Angeles, 25, 42k
Regional Account Manager, 24, TN: 70K (commission only salary)
Project Manager, 26, Pittsburgh, PA: 55k
Mid-level Advertising Exec, 27, NYC, 65K
Executive assistant, 31, LA, 50k
Sr. Operations Analyst (Supply Chain), 25, Santa Monica (LA), 70k (before bonus)
Communications Manager, 29, Miami, FL: 51.5K (before bonus)
Mid-level Visual Designer, 24, Portland, Oregon: 65k
Social Media Editor, 21, Boston, $45K
Financial Analyst - Tech startup 57k
Digital Marketing Associate, 31, NYC, 60k
Freelance Designer, 26, Texas, 60 to 80k (varies)
Admin, 24, Chicago Suburbs, 40k
Publicist, 29, Maine, 52K
Associate UX Designer, 29, Chicago, 64k

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