Why This Sought-After LA Designer Just Launched a New Line

Women in LA know all about Anine Bing. In fact, women all over the world know about Anine Bing. The singer turned designer launched her self-titled line in 2012 and the response was explosive. Consumers were immediately attracted to the cool-meets-laid-back vibe of her designs. They are simple, and yet, at once, recognizable as a Bing piece. 

Six years later and the designer is aiming lower. Well, height wise at least. Inspired by her daughter Bianca's desire to "dress like Mommy," the founder launched BING KIDS. A no-fuss collection at a lower price point for boys and girls. 

What compelled you to launch a kids line? 


It's been a goal of mine to launch BING KIDS for the last couple years now, ever since my daughter Bianca was asking to "dress like mommy." I wanted to create clothes for my kids personally that were both comfortable and cool, so when we set out to do the collection we had those two points in mind specifically.. It's a very no fuss collection with rock n roll tees, skinny jeans, joggers and sleeper sets, a really cool leather jacket, all very ANINE BING.. And we wanted it to be super versatile for both boys and girls to wear. 

Is the design process different from designing for adults? 

It is and it isn't.. Again, comfort and cool factor along with versatility were our priorities in designing. And I had my very own fit models right at home! 

What’s your favorite part of designing for kids? 

First of all, it's all SO cute.. It melts everyone's hearts to see a moto leather jacket in miniature size for a 2 year old! But I really loved and welcomed the challenge of making the line unisex. I had moms in mind when doing this because I know personally that it can be tough to get the kids dressed and out the door some mornings. So we set out to make a collection that cut that process down a little bit, and also kept the kids happy and feeling unique and cool.


Are the models cuter, be honest. That's easy - YES!

How will you balance your time between designing the adult line vs. the kids line? I have an amazing design team and we've tripled in size since the Fall so we all work together to prioritize each line but in different ways. ANINE BING is still the main focus because we just launched BING KIDS and we're only doing monthly drops instead of weekly drops for now, and only selling on eCom. But both of the lines are very close to my heart, and I can't wait to see what we do with both.

Any other secrets up your sleeve you can share with us? None that I can get TOO into, but I'll say this -- we're excited to grow our retail presence in 2018!

The full collection is available online now! 

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