Our Fave Mic-Drop Moments from Our First-Ever Vision Summit!

We took the party to the city where the heat is on for our first ever Vision Summit! From the power of believing in yourself to next level marketing tips, we talked all things creativity with some of the top women in the game. It’s almost impossible to pick our favorites but keep reading to get your daily dose of inspiration and retweet worthy content from our favorite mic drop moment of the day.

On building a business

If you call your brand a lifestyle brand, you have to ask: what makes this different than other lifestyle brands? - Courtney Nichols-gould, Smartypants Vitamins

If you try to pick up every piece of gold along the way, you’ll never reach the rainbow. - Chelsea Riggs, Brand President of Amika

As the company grows, you have to consistently edit. - Chelsea Riggs, Brand President of Amika

If you don’t have the best team, that strategy and that product won’t matter anymore. - Maria Molland     

Our business model is generosity. - Sophie Chiche - Shape House

Take more risks. People are looking for brands who take a stand on their views. - Katie Erhard - OUI by Yopliat

Our emissions standards will not be rolling back no matter what congress decides. We are committed to our beliefs in having higher emissions standards. - Erin Silver - Volvo

On Building a Boss Team

I like someone who challenges me in an interview. I don’t want to hire another me. I want someone to see from a different perspective and change the game of the brand. - Amber Saylor - BCBGeneration

Our company was founded on entrepreneurial spirit. We believe that anyone who has gotten somewhere they’re proud of, is self-made. - Diana Trout, Founder of Health-Ade Kombucha

It’s all about the hustle. It’s doesn’t feel like a state of flow, it feels like a state of grow. - Diana Trout, Founder of Health-Ade Kombucha

On Content and Social Media

I control social media, it does not control me. - Iskra Lawrence

There needs to be a movement were we realize the amount of followers you have does not equate to your bank account or to your status or to your position or your placement. Don’t be afraid to unfollow people who make you feel less than. - Monique Coleman

Building community is two things: storytelling and relationships. - Allegra Shaw

Creativity doesn’t owe you anything. - Hugette Montesinos, Founder of Disfunkshionmag

It’s not about what we’re leaving on the table, it's about honoring our creativity. - Katya Libin

Diversify your feed and diversify your life. - Iskra Lawrence 

I don’t put out mediocrity. Even if it takes longer. - Massy Arias

You don’t have to have 2 million followers to create beautiful content. - Cody Thompson From Home Depot

On Positive Self Talk and Confidence

The time of being perfect is over. Be your personal, vulnerable self. - Diana Trout, Founder of Health-Ade Kombucha

If think you don’t have the skills or the resources, think twice. Every single day, someone says I can’t do something. And every day, I do it. - Massy Arias

The power is within us collectively. - Stephanie Campbell - Aerie Social Media Manager

I tell myself what matters and what doesn’t. Everything else is background noise. - Brenna Huckaby

If you want to go global, you have to think global. - Maiah Ocondo

Don’t be afraid to embrace what shaped you and made you who you are today. - Style Bungalow

Don’t outsource your power. - Monique Coleman

We have to make sure the spaces we create in are inclusive. - Diane Guerrero 

We need to open doors for each other. - Jamie Chung

If you want something, the quickest way to get it is to give it. - Jamie Kern Lima 

Your own journey isn’t impacted by anyone else's. - Jamie Kern Lima


Did you join us for #CCVisionSummit? What was your favorite quote? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for our next city announcement!