Matte Matters: The Four Times This Moisturizer Will Save Your Face

How much time do you spend getting ready in the AM? An hour? Five minutes? Whether you clock 60 seconds or 60 minutes in front of your bathroom mirror, every on-the-go working woman could use something to keep her skin fresh from day to date. Or day to drinks with a potential client. Or when she’s simply in a rush, because that’s the world we live in.

Like we always do, we’ve got a simple solution.

And we’ve rounded up four totally normal day-to-day situations where Origins new deliciously hydrating Original Skin Matte Moisturizer will save you.

#1 Your alarm fails to go off.

It happens to the best of us. You set your AM alarm for plenty of prep time before a big meeting. But something happens (whether you hit snooze, or phone dies, or simply tech fails you) and you wake up with stressful serious time crunch. All you need to do is splash a little water on your face, brush your teeth, and smooth on this unique moisturizer for skin that looks as good naked as it does glam’d up.

It’s an innovative pink water cream that hydrates while absorbing excess oil in a flash.

And flash-forward, you’re on your way, miraculously on time, and looking like a fresh-faced babe.

#2 You’ve got drinks after work with a potential client, but are heading straight from a meeting.

Given that the moisturizer is matte and helps prime for makeup, it’s perfect for situations like this. First, it moisturizes your face during the day, which means it’s ready for you to throw on some makeup before your meet up.

You don’t have to worry about getting oily during the day because of the pink water cream.

#3 You’ve stayed up super late working on a presentation, but don’t want to look tired when you present.

You’re in luck. The matte’s main ingredients are exactly what your skin needs. You’ve done the work prep, so let them do your face prep.

Canadian Willowherb: found in Northern Canadian prairies, helps delete dullness and restore skin’s ideal glow.

Pink Rock Rose: grown in the Mediterranean and traditionally used in herbal medicine, helps to keep skin looking healthy and glowing with its calming and soothing capabilities.

Persian Silk Tree: native to SouthEast Asia, is known to have stress-relieving properties and is called the Tree of Happiness because of its calming herbal properties.

#4 You have a date. But a boss who is not about you leaving the office early. (Like most bosses, let’s be real.)

Enough said. Not only does the matte moisturizer easily take you from day to night, but if you are thinking of getting up close and personal, the Willowherb and Pink Rock Rose act as an instant glow-booster that brightens skin and shrinks pores.

So get close. Get personal. And feel great about your skin.