Links From Our Group Chat: Invisible Panty Lines & Sexism at Work


It's Labor Day weekend (woohoo) which means plenty of time to catch up on good reads you've been putting off. 

Grab a cocktail (or a coffee), sit outside, and enjoy the wise words from strangers on the internet. It's the American way. 

Women are underrepresented in economic departments (not surprising) and this is how their colleagues talk about them. 

Speaking of sexism, Ellen Pao wrote a must-read about the trial she lost and sexism in Silicon Valley. 

If you hate thongs, here's how to "hide" panty lines. Sorry Cisco. 

This UK retailer removed gender labels from these kids' clothes. No gender assumptions here. 

All of the movies coming out this fall, discussed here.  What will you be watching?

The road to recovery in Houston begins.