6 Podcasts to Listen to on World Mental Health Day

The World Health Organization, or WHO coined October 10th as World Mental Health Day. Here are the WHOs (pun intended) of the podcast world who can help you clear your mind, practice mindfulness, and give you advice when needed. Without further adieu, fill those ears and clear that mind.

Therapy For Black Girls

Licensed Psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford shows us what its like BTS of a therapy session with weekly talks about all things mental health, personal growth, and decision-making. Her goal is to make people the best versions of themselves that they can be with her practical tips and strategies as well as providing context with current trends in that space. She is also open to any questions, so ask away!

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Mentally Ch(ill)

We know mental health can be a serious topic, but comedians Kristen Carney adds a zest of humor and lightheartedness that we are addicted to!


Mentally Yours

Another lighthearted take on mental health, however, hosts Yvette Caster and Ellen Scott of Metro.co.uk keep things interesting by chatting to a mystery guest each week and discuss all the complexity in our minds.


The Struggle Bus

Advice from co-hosts Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin range from mental health, to self care, to just getting through day-to-day life. They answer listeners’ questions and do not leave any topics off-limits. To them there’s no such thing as a problem that is big or small, or even too weird! Get ready for the wheels in your mind to go round and round, because this podcast will do just that


Talking in Circles

Laura Miller keeps things relatable, authentic, and accessible while opening a safe space for listeners to have the tough convos that we’re often times afraid of having. There is a lot to learn from her and some of her special guests include some of our fave boss babes Joy Cho, Jen Gotch and others!


Let’s Discuss

Friends and Lifestyle Bloggers Ella Gregory and Monica Beatrice Welburn want to grab virtual coffee with their listeners and chat in this podcast that totally goes hand in hand with the C&C brand. They talk about everything, aka “life etc.” and help you navigate you through your lives so you can live the best you can with what you have and end up at the right destination for you. Now, you can listen to how to take on your life journey while on your commuting journey to the office!

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By: Ashley Banayan