Wondering What to Send? There's a Bouquet for Every Career Occasion

Florals have been adorning tabletops for years, but bringing a little bloom to your career is also a good look. And not just for spring.

There are plenty of career occasions where flowers not only spruce up a space, but might even help you get ahead.

And if you’re thinking about sending flowers to a boss, a colleague, or your #workwife, but don’t know where to start, our friends at UrbanStems, the floral brand with fresh blooms delivered to you in minutes, are dishing on the best bouquets for every career occasion.

There's a flower for every occasion. 


Worried that you’ll seem overeager? You don’t need to send the biggest bunch your potential employer has ever seen, but a unique arrangement that shows you pay attention to trends but are also able to think “outside the bouquet” might just be the edge that gets you the job. And if it doesn’t you will have left an indelible impression, that  might lead to something down the road. .

Opt for: The Blanc: Striking a balance between memorable and professional is key and super chic tulips are always a safe bet. The wow factor gets upped a bit with an unusual variety: “peony” tulips — lush, fluffy blooms that are the spitting image of their coveted late spring namesake.

The Blanc


Haven’t you heard? The energy you put out is the energy you bring in. If a friend gets a promotion or a raise, congratulate them with a beautiful arrangement that includes a “thriller” flower, because a flower-filled celebration is in order.

What says congrats best: The Tango. Bold colors are the best way to get the party started! The Tango is full of fiery shades of orange and red, and funky stems like ranunculus and parrot tulips make it feel extra special.

The Tango


It’s inevitable. There are career highs and lows. But when a colleague or good friend really takes a hit, opt for  a thoughtful gesture that will be much appreciated when they’re in the doldrums. Send your pal flowers and a note to remind them that you don’t get flowers without a little rain.

Keep ‘em smiling through the pain with: The Dino. A good laugh is the best way to beat the blues and this quirky dino succulent planter pretty much guarantees a smile. Succulents are easy to care for and super sturdy, so they’ll outlast any rough patch.

The Dino


If someone goes out of their way to facilitate an intro, an interview, or patch you in on a deal, a thank you bunch goes a long way. Especially if it’s someone you don’t know very well. They will be all the more willing to help you out next time if you show your appreciation.

Make yourself memorable with: The Mimosa. Garden roses are absolutely fabulous in their own right, but striking colors like yellow and green are completely unexpected. Mixed with feather eucalyptus and dainty wax flowers, it’s sweet and earnest — just the kind of gratitude you want to convey!

The Mimosa


It’s not as easy to be the boss as it seems. You have a company and salaries and bringing in dollars to worry about all the time. And when you’re the boss, you don’t have someone above you patting you on the back when you do a good job. In fact, it’s a little thankless.

Make your boss smile withThe Cathy. Your boss has enough to worry about, so an ultra low-maintenance air plant is the perfect way to show them some love without adding to their to-do list. Air plants can take a lot of neglect and need almost no water to stay fabulous-looking.

The Cathy

Want more? Head to UrbanStems to find the perfect floral for any function.