We Asked Women How They’re Shifting Their Mindsets (And Saying OUI) in 2019


Sponsored by Oui by Yoplait

The night before my very first “move-in day” of college, my parents sat me down for what felt like their final pieces of advice. I predicted what my mom was going to say — work hard, be safe, buddy system, enjoy yourself (within reason). But my dad surprised me. He told me to say “yes” to everything, something I’d never heard from anyone before. Yes to taking a class you never thought you would take, yes to studying abroad a year early, yes to falling in love. Yes. Yes. Yes.

That’s not to say that embodying a “yes” mantra is easy. In all honesty, I’ve forgotten how important it is to say “yes” with my other responsibilities that have taken precedence. But our words have a direct impact on our mindset. By saying “yes” — even if it’s “yes, I can take on this project, but I’ll need an extra day” — you will bring confidence and positivity into your life. This is exactly why I’m making it a priority  to say “yes” this year. And I’m not alone — Oui by Yoplait recently asked attendees at this year’s Vision Summit, “What are you saying “OUI” to in 2019?” And the responses will inspire you.


Oui by Yoplait believes in making the best satisfyingly thick, subtly sweet, fresh tasting French style yogurt. Their approach to French style yogurt starts with simple, non-GMO ingredients, poured and set in individual glass pots for eight hours. And to top it off — “Yes” is literally in their name, which makes them the perfect companion as you say “oui” or “yes” in 2019. Take it from the women who attended the Vision Summit. They’re saying yes to “opening my business,” “embracing my imperfections,” “new perspectives,” and “no more negative self labels.” How great are those? And the Create & Cultivate team has their own ideas...

“I’m saying “OUI” to me. Knowing my value and validating my own wants and needs all 2019.” Tyeal Howell - Marketing Manager

“I’m saying “OUI” to more sleep and more money and less parking tickets” Natalie Tran - Graphic Designer

“Balance. My “OUI” is for more life balance in 2019.” Natalie Pirzad - Project Coordinator

“More creative output. My “OUI” is for more creativity in 2019.” Jenay Ross - Talent Coordinator + Event Producer

“My 2019 “OUI” is for more time with my cats and the people I love.” Heather Records - Senior Director of Digital Marketing

What will you be saying “yes” to this year? I know I’ll be saying “yes” to every exciting opportunity that comes my way, in order to let happiness infiltrate everything I do. And I’ll be starting every morning with a glass pot of Oui to get the day started the right way.

Lily Comba works in business development for an online marketplace. By night, Lily lives an entrepreneurial life. After working as a Career Consultant for two years at her alma mater, Scripps College, Lily developed a passion for helping women in their careers. She embodies the mantra, “If not me, who? If not now, when?” in her work as a career advisor to college students, and creative and business strategist for fellow entrepreneurs. Catch her running around Los Angeles or at lilycomba.com.