We Asked Business Owners For The Most Priceless Advice They've Ever Received

How did you celebrate International Women’s Day? We teamed up with Mastercard last Friday to host a gorgeous dinner party for some of our favorite female business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers, including Busy Phillips, Ty Haney, Jen Gotch, and Adrienne Bosh. At the dinner, we announced the launch of the Mastercard Women’s Business Advisory Council, an innovative group of women who will be sparking a 365-day conversation at events and online, where they will dish the priceless advice and mentorship you need to build and grow a successful business.

Our theme for the evening? Her impact is priceless. In line with our tagline, we asked some of our dinner guests for the most priceless advice they’ve ever been given, and their answers are on point—take note, ladies!

“The most priceless advice I’ve ever been given is to ask for help. I think sometimes it can be really hard to ask the people around you for help, but it can be incredibly important because it allows you to do so much more.”
- Amy Nelson, Founder & CEO of The Riveter

“To know myself and not sell myself short.”
- Sonja Rasula, Founder & CEO of Unique Markets

“Compression of time equals value. For me, that means trying something really quickly, failing fast, and taking those learnings and applying it to the future.“
- Ty Haney, Founder & CEO of Outdoor Voices

“My mom said you have to be true to yourself—that’s where it all is. And she was right.”
- Busy Phillips, Actor, Director & Host of Busy Tonight

What’s the most priceless advice you’ve ever received?

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