How Your Office Can Be More Environmentally Conscious


If we look at the world around us today, plenty of us are making more efforts to be conscious towards our Mother Earth. Whether it’s making an effort to recycle in your home or switching plastic straws for paper ones, being more conscious of our everyday decisions can have such a great impact on the way we function and the place we call our home.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

One thing we’ve all noticed is the abundance of electric or hybrid cars hitting our roads today, and it’s important to note that businesses can benefit from hopping on the bandwagon. Car manufacturers have picked up on the importance of this too; a great example is Volvo. All new Volvo models introduced from 2019 will have an electric motor, marking the end of cars that only have one internal combustion engine. That’s huge. Why is this important? Well, let us give you the full rundown.

This may be the biggest fact to point out. Using fuel-efficient vehicles such as electric, hybrid, or mild hybrids, will improve fuel economy and CO2 emissions. If that sounds confusing, think of it this way: the more fuel-efficient cars on the road, the less pollution. And trust us, we have enough pollution as it is. If businesses used these cars for company events, deliveries, etc. then they’re reducing their car footprint and encouraging cleaner, less-polluted roads.


Depending on where you live, carpooling can become an office tradition. If you look near colleagues and drive an electric or hybrid vehicle, why not give them a lift? Think about it; you’re encouraging fewer fuel emissions into the air, meaning that you’re contributing to promoting less pollution in your area. Your team can alternate on who gets to drive when and divide up rides into different groups every week or month. This method also works if your team has to head to any offsite meetings or events during the day. It’s a simple way to avoid having more cars on the road and helps save each other’s time.

Providing Charging Points

The US government has already agreed to invest in more car charging points across the country. As of 2017, it was reported that over 50,000 charging outlets for cars were available nationwide, and the number is only expected to increase. If companies make it a point to provide more charging points for their employees at an office’s parking structure, then it’s likely that more employees will get encouraged to go the electric or hybrid route. A full list of charging points across the country is available here, courtesy of the US Department of Energy.

Educating Yourselves

The topic of energy-saving vehicles can still be very complex and confusing, but it’s one worth learning more about. A team initiative for taking more steps to be more eco-friendly can be an educational workshop. Have an energy expert come in and talk with your team about all of the benefits of going electric or hybrid as a company. Highlighting the impacts that these vehicles can have on the environment is a great way to get started, but naturally, we’re all encouraged to make a change if we know what’s coming from it.

To learn more about Volvo and electric motors, check out the Volvo website for more information.