Top Hacks for Busy Working Travelers

Who run the world? Women.

But we’re also running all over the place. Taking business meetings and holding court in different areas of the country. We jump on planes (never to conclusions) and we’re constantly on-the-go.

At the least that’s how it is for the team behind Create & Cultivate, and we know we’re not alone. From scouting locations to heading out town for conferences and popups, we’re up in the air and out of town quite a bit. Traveling for work isn’t always easy, but we’ve found a few ways to make sure it’s fun.

Here are some of our favorite travel hacks:

Where to Stay: Use HomeAway Vacation Rentals

Travel for work may not be “vacation,” but with more than 1.2 million rentals in 190 countries, HomeAway offers a smart solution to lodging costs for employees.

The benefits are multifold, especially when and if you’re traveling with your whole team. First, it’s less expensive than renting multiple hotel rooms, especially when you factor in the cost of food. More so, having a kitchen is both a financially and emotionally beneficial. Room service charges add up. So does heading out for every meal. Beyond that, being able to gather in a kitchen (or cozy up on a couch) with your work squad when you’re OOT gives you the much-needed creature comforts of home.

Our team is like family, especially when we’re on location. We pull so many late nights the week leading up to the conference. From midnight oil burning computer cram sessions to early AM (being able to make coffee in the morning is key to getting out the door) powwows, having the team in one place is also one less thing to worry about. Instead of solo working in the wee hours of the night, we’re in it together. Being in a home together is one of the ways we keep sane.

We stayed at a 4-bedroom bungalow in the Kirkwood neighborhood in Atlanta. The home was spacious and perfect for our five-person team (and we made more than a few late-night pizzas).

Spent many late nights gathered around this table.

Spent many late nights gathered around this table.

When you’re away, you can also be home.

How to De-Stress: Pzizz Yourself to Sleep

Stress is an inevitable challenge when you travel for work. There are deadlines and time changes. Even the most seasoned business travelers are plagued by insomnia and burnout, both of which drastically affect your performance.

One of the best rated sleep apps, Pzizz (which, has made a fan of J.K Rowling) has a patented algorithm that plays a sleep-optimized mix of music, voiceover and sound effects. They work together (just like your #workcrew) to quiet your mind, put you to sleep, keep you asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. If you know it’s going to be a long week, getting to bed on time is one of the best things you can do for your body. A well-rested team is a well-oiled machine.

How to Pack: Only Bring a Carry-On

One of the best things about staying in a home vs. hotel is that most homes come equipped with a washer and a dryer. A MAJOR travel hack because it means you can fit everything into a carry-on and not have to worry about paying for baggage or losing it.

When traveling and packing for work trips you need to curate your suitcase the same way you would a proposal: remove the fluff and keep it tight. You can successfully travel (and still look good) for a week with a carry-on.

How you ask? This is our proven strategy: two pairs of versatile pants (one denim, one ‘fancy,’) four t-shirts (assorted colors), two blouses, three pairs of socks, four pairs of underwear (remember you have a washing machine), one dress or fancier outfit, a pair of heeled boots and dress shoes, and one magical, cozy outfit that reminds you of home.  

If you’re going to be staying in a city for longer than two days, hit up the local Target and buy bath products in their travel section. You can get everything you need for under $10 (which, is much cheaper than checking luggage). Bring your jewelry or accessories in your purse.

On the plane you should wear: sneakers, leggings, t-shirt, and carry your larger coat.

That’s all you need. Truly. Try it once and you will never check another piece of luggage for work again!