The One Travel Essential Every Eco-Conscious Working Woman Carries

Summer means travel. Plain and simple. But when you’re a working woman there’s nothing simple about powering down. Is there such a thing as a working vacation? (Some say no.) We say yes. Anything is possible when you’re committed to a healthy hustle.

So we’ve rounded up some of the best summer travel products from Mark & Graham’s swag summer shop. All that’s left for you to consider is how you’re gonna phrase that out of office message.

1.     Concourse Boarding Bag

While most working women are struggling to find “the” perfect tote, we’re happy to report you’re done searching. We are all constantly on the hunt for a bag that can be used for multiple purposes; such as traveling, carrying your laptop, chargers, etc. Well, Mark and Graham’s Concourse Boarding Bag is the answer to all of your problems. It is the perfect size tote with an adjustable strap perfect for traveling, zipper closer, and extra pockets. What more could any working girl need?

2. Leather Charger Roll Up

Don’t get it twisted. Your cords that is. Carrying around all of our chargers, headphones, and electronics can get to be rather annoying. This Leather Charger Roll Up is definitely what every working woman needs to help stay organized. Now, go get your roll up monogrammed and pick the color that best suits you, we promise you won’t look back. (Or lose something essential.)

3. Cosmetics Case

You need makeup and toiletries that travel as well as you do. Therefore, we need the perfect size cosmetic case. Mark and Graham have made our dream 2-in-1 travel case, with plenty of room and a removable pouch (this one is for your carry-on). This cosmetic case will make your traveling 100% easier and more organized.

4. Kennedy Garment Bag

Keeping your clothes wrinkle free can be a challenge when traveling for meetings. This Kennedy Garment Bag is the perfect option for helping keep your outfits looking good as new. Make sure you go get yours monogrammed to add some color to your new travel accessory.

5. Jet-Set Carry-On Spinner

Plan on getting away for only a few days? There’s no need to check luggage if you’re not checking out entirely. Parking smart is part of being a savvy traveler. No chance of lost luggage here. This hard case suitcase will fit all of your essentials with perfect pockets, monogram decal, and tons of space.

6. S’well Water Bottle


Buying bottled water at the airport can get so expensive. But staying hydrated when you travel is a must— for your health, your skin, and your energy levels. With a S’well Water Bottle you spend a little to save a lot (including the environment). Especially since so many airports now how water refill stations. Drink it down before you hit security. And fill it up when you get to the other side. For women on-the-go this is an essential way to save money, the planet, and stay hydrated.

Have summer travel plans? For work or pleasure? Share with us in the comments below!