Why This Online Marketplace for Bags is the Go To For Our Team This Season + Giveaway!

As working women, we understand how important it is to look the part. Sure, we spend a lot of time taking calls, sitting in meetings, and so on, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to enjoy a little retail therapy every now and then. As we get older, we start thinking more about the investment pieces we can have for years to come. The thing is, when you’ve got a 9-5 or you’re your own boss (you go girl!), the majority of the pieces you own need to be functional, especially if you’re dropping some serious cash for them.

We can admit that we’ve gotten to a point in our lives where investing in a designer bag sounds like the ideal purchase. Think about it. As career women, we can invest in a bag that comes along with us to meetings, important businesses lunches, networking events, and so much more. Not to mention it totally wouldn’t hurt to walk into the office everyday with a piece we’ve worked hard for and certainly earned.

A few members of our team have had their eyes set on a few designer bags. Three made the jump and finally went for it. Why the sudden purchase? Well, we have StockX and its selection of authentic luxury bags to thank for that. If you’re not familiar with StockX, it’s basically an online stock market for actual items with a catalog size of over 20,000, including accessories. Like the stock exchange, StockX keeps buyers and seller’s identities private and operates as a completely anonymous marketplace. Both buyers and sellers can also explore recent selling prices in order to know the best price point to buy or sell at. As an extra security measure, StockX will verify that the item of choice is authentic before handing over your cash to the seller. If you’re interested in the selling side, you can do so in just a few clicks without the need to take any photos or write a description.

During our experience shopping at StockX, we found that not only do you have the power to negotiate, you can find bags that are in excellent condition and typically sold-out in stores. Sometimes the prices are even better than retail! Bonus: We’ve Teamed Up with StockX for a BOSS Giveaway. Keep reading to enter to win BIG!

Here’s what three Create & Cultivate staff members snagged for themselves on StockX and how they styled them to work for their unique positions.

Photos: Made in Tyeal

Heather Records: Senior Director of Digital Marketing

Bag: Vintage Chanel Quilted Bum Bag

Why she chose this bag: Fishing for compliments. Just kidding, but it works! This bag is amazing because it’s perfect for when I need to look stylish on set and move easily from working our arrivals, talent management, social media and moderating panels. For a vintage piece, it’s still in excellent condition and is a very rare find.

What she liked about using StockX: I am not someone who enjoys the endless, tiring hunt to score that one-off amazing vintage piece. I typically pay for convenience and StockX gives me the opportunity to shop guaranteed authentic pieces in excellent condition without having to put in all the heavy lifting.

Photo: Made in Tyeal

Natalie Pirzad: Project Manager

Bag: Louis Vuitton Sperone Backpack

Why she chose this bag: As a project manager at Create & Cultivate I am a producer, coordinator,  talent manager and more! Therefore, I need to be 10 steps ahead of everyone at any given moment. The name of the game is to think about the things that everyone will need before they remember they need it. I also need to be able to pop open that laptop and plug in at airports, coffee shops and, yes, even production closets to make sure everything stays on schedule. This bag is perfect because it adds sophistication to any outfit, while giving me the space I need for my tools of the trade (aka EVERYTHING!). This backpack is also typically sold-out in store, but thankfully I found it on StockX without any issues.

What she liked about using StockX: My team knows I can pretty much get a discount on anything and there’s no way I’m buying brand new! With StockX I can view recent sales history of a bag, so I know I’m buying at a good price (We’ve got to shop smart, ladies!) StockX is perfect for those big investment purchases that I’m beginning to make and will last me my whole career.

Photos: Made in Tyeal

Lainey DePompa: Senior Event Producer

Bag: Goyard St. Louis Tote

Why she chose this bag: A day in the life as an event producer requires a heavy duty bag and an always positive attitude. I have to be prepared for anything and I like to have some extra production goods handy, just in case of an emergency. Need more flowers for the photo moment? I’m your girl. This bag gives me a ton of room to pack up my event supplies and still arrive in style. I love the bright yellow color and feel like it really represents my personality! I’ve had my eyes set on a Goyard bag for a while, and I’ve never seen this color palette anywhere else.

What she liked about using StockX: The convenience of shopping online can’t be beat, but when you throw some designer name tags and budget friendly price tags into the mix, you got me all the way. Plus, if you don’t like the price that is listed, you can always put in a bid at a different price that you’re more comfortable with. StockX is the perfect combination of convenience and options for a busy girl like me. If you don't like the price that is on offer you can even place a Bid at a different price.


As we said, functional fashion is everything, especially for those of who are busy 24/7. Our friends at StockX were nice enough to share a giveaway with Create & Cultivate readers in hopes of increasing your chances of getting your very own dream bag.

One grand prize winner will receive $1,000 of StockX credit to put towards a designer bag of their choice. Three runner-ups will receive $250 of StockX credit towards purchases of $750 or more. (Both prizes will be delivered via promo code to each of the winners. If selected, winners will have to create a StockX account with their correct email address to receive and issue the code for use)

Simply fill out the form below to enter to win. The winner will be chosen randomly on December 10th and contacted via email. GOOD LUCK!

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