The Self-Care Sunday Essentials To Try Today


This post is in partnership with BIC® Soleil® Balance® razors. 

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a wave of self-care enthusiasts on social media contributing to the #SelfcareSunday movement. Whether it’s in the form of avocado toast, a special facial, a drive down PCH with the windows down, self-care can take place in so many different forms.

BIC® Soleil® Balance® razor knows the importance of taking those me-time moments – even if it’s just a fresh, smooth shave and a soak in the tub. In a recent survey, BIC® Soleil® razors found that 88% of women shave for themselves, not anyone else. Talk about self-care!

“I’m always striving to be my best self, so I knew I wanted to work on a campaign that encouraged other women to embrace their best selves too, even if it’s doing something as simple as shaving. I'm always wearing dresses in the summer months and even in the winter, I really like to be clean shaven for those winter workouts as I’m prepping for summer clothes. Just throwing on cozy sweatpants feels better with smooth legs, you know? ‘Why I Shave’ is all about embracing the tools to help us all feel more comfortable and confident in our own skin,” said Jessica Sturdy of Bows and Sequins.

So what does it really mean? We should each take some time to define self-care for ourselves, because who else really knows better than you what your body and mind need in order to be 100%?

Here at C&C, our brains are working overtime every day and when we finally get some time to ourselves, we love to join in on the self-care Sunday fun - because what is better than taking some me-time? Read below to hear how our team defines self-care and what we do to recharge.

How the C&C Team Defines Self-Care

A perfect self-care Sunday for me involves some Pinot Noir, a bubble bath, smooth, shaved legs and re-runs of my favorite show. After a long week of work and tons of Insta-notifications, nothing feels better than chilling in bed after a good soak with smooth legs and a great glass of wine.- Tyeal,  Marketing Coordinator

Getting yourself a hotel robe is everything! Along with some eucalyptus scents for your room to unwind.- Andrea, Digital Editor

Lavender bubble bath with lots of candles, putting on comfy PJs - cause what's better than soft sweatpants on freshly shaved legs. Add in my pup and it’s a perfect night.- Natty, Graphic Designer

I live for my Sundays at home. Cleaning house, cuddling cats + prepping my mind for the week is mandatory + everyone in my life knows that. I try to plan out outfits for the week + note any out-of-office events, dinners or work events that are coming up.- Heather, Marketing Director

We wanted to hear what our Create & Cultivate community defines self-care too, so we asked the creative and ambitious ladies in our Facebook group for their perfect self-care day and here’s what they had to say:

Alberthe K. B.: My self-care takes usually 1 of 3 forms—I love to get long walks in around my neighborhood at the start of the day, away from my daughter & husband so I can collect my thoughts & go into the day with more ease... I like to end my day with some music or an audiobook while having tea or wine (some days call for a lil alcohol lol) to decompress... and the third isn’t daily, but more of a weekly & it’s taking time to do a face mask & caffeine body scrub after a long bath, all followed by sinking into the sofa with my shows that I’m either catching up on or rewatching

Aleia W.: Self-care for me has turned into making my own self-care products - massage oil candles, body oils, and bath salts and settling in for a long bath using all the products until I get wrinkly. And then it's time for a little journaling (and if Sunday) filling out my planner with the upcoming events for the week!

Taylor M.: For me, self-care is all about listening to yourself and responding in the most loving way possible. It looks different depending on the day. Most Sunday nights, I stop looking at my phone and computer and take a warm bath with a good book before bed. It helps me transition from weekend to work week with ease.

Rosie C.: For me, a true self-care Sunday includes a lot of things, but most importantly, cooking. It has become essential to cook during my self-care days because it reminds me that when I approach food as a means to nourish and fuel my body, and when I remind myself that my body always has a need to nourished and fueled, I have a healthier relationship not only with food but with my outlook on the capabilities of my mind, body and spirit.

BIC® Soleil® Balance® razor invites you to take some me-time this Sunday. What do you do for a perfect self-care Sunday? Let us know in the comments!