Finally, This Major Blogger Is Launching a Solution for This *Hush Hush* Beauty Issue

photo credit: 12ish Style 

Boob sweat? Thigh chafe? Raise your hand if you’ve been there. Yeah, us too. And it’s why megababe Kate Sturino of 12ish Style is launching her Megababe product line. 

Determined to deal with the not-so-chic, but oh so relatable parts of fashion, Kate developed Megababe Thigh Rescue ($14) to deal with the issue. Forget men’s products. Forget rubbing Vaseline on your body. The fashion blogger took matters in her own hands. 

The deodorant-like stick, which is available for pre-order now, starts shipping on June 26th. Crafted with ingredients like aloe, grape seed oil to promote collagen production, lime oil for healing purposes, and pomegranate seed extract to protect the skin, it is a toxin-free formula that will keep skin happy, hydrated, and chafe-free. While you’re at it, Bust Dust, which is set to launch mid-July, is a ultrafine, 100% natural powder. Kate calls it the “final word on boob sweat,” because “talc is nasty stuff.”

We caught up with Kate to talk the sweaty motivation and why this is product you’ll want to pull out of your Chanel bag. 

Why launch a product line? 

I have been dealing with thigh chafe forever! And yet judging by the anti-chafe products out there, chafing seems to be reserved for men and athletes. I was sick of toting a men’s stick around in my handbag, and even worse was having to pull it out in front of people. Even though some of what’s out there does work, a lot of it is full of toxins and none of it is designed for me to pull out of my Chanel bag! And I was done wearing bike shorts under skirts -- the last thing anyone wants on an 80 degree day is another layer!

All I wanted was a non-toxic anti-chafe stick that would make me feel cute and not embarrassed. And year after year I couldn’t find it, so I decided to make it myself. 

Tell us about Megababe? 

Megababe was born out of a personal need for cute solutions to not-so-cute issues like thigh chafe and boob sweat. Start asking around and will you discover how many women of different shapes and sizes actually deal with these “hush hush” things. So many! I don’t know how or why there came to be a stigma around these very normal issues, but Megababe is here to say there’s nothing embarrassing about your thighs rubbing together or your boobs sweating on a hot day. We’re going to take care of it for you so you can get out there and live your life!

"Megababe is here to say there’s nothing embarrassing about your boobs sweating on a hot day."

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Where can we buy it?

Exclusively at ; IG: @Megababe 

There you have it. Sweaty girls unite.