Our Six Dream Podcasts & Their Hosts


It's been a hell of a Monday. We mean, the sun straight disappeared and people got emotional. So we dreamed up a few things that we want to listen to this week. 

Can someone make these, thanks. 

1. Sit Down Tony Robbins: Women explain that willpower is a privilege and it’s time for TR to sit TF down. 

Ideal hosts: Issa Rae & Yvonne Orji 

2. Momsplaining: Where moms explain new tech to people. Mom does it anyway, might as well put her on the podcast. 

Hosts: Your mom, sometimes your dad, additional commentary from Amy Poehler

3. Blue Crush hosted by Blue Ivy. 

No explanation need. Maybe she just dances. 

4. Secret Service Secrets: Where secret service staff reveal everything you've ever wanted to know. They've got the best hiding spots, they know where the Pres is at all times, and they have secret offices where there are no trash cans outside. So many questions. Sidebar: where are all the female Secret Service agents? 

Ideal host: Marjorie Palmiotti from Veep. 

5. 2 Dope Queens

Oh, wait. That already exists. 

6.  Leave It to Beavers: Women take care of everything. All the time. This is where we talk about it and take over men's jobs. 

Ideal hosts: All women. Any women.