Links From Our Group Chat: Let's Talk Turkey with Teigen & Nuns with Chainsaws


If the weekend's activities have left you feeling stuffed to the brim, fill up on something else tonight before you head back to work tomorrow. Namely, Links from our group chat. Sure, we took a break from the office, but do you think we actually took a break from our C&C Dream Team Group Chat? No way. 

1989 was the first year a turkey was given a presidential pardon. And other odd facts about the world's ugliest bird. 

Chrissy Teigen is rarely wrong. And she is def not wrong about turkey. 

Turkey talk aside, since this week was all about giving thanks. We're throwing it back to this nun who took matters into her own hands. We are sure grateful for her holy badassery.

It's always hard to get back on track the week following time off. For one, there's no pie. So, stop doing meta-work.  

There's one day left to nab amazing deals from the C&C x Google Store. Did we purchase items from our own gift guide this weekend? Not even gonna pretend on this one. Yeah. We did. 

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