How One Company Went Wild With Their Workspace


The Mine, an online home furnishings retailer owned by Lowe’s, recently completed a rebrand for their online storefront and that meant their headquarters needed an update as well. Studies show that the environment in which you work and live can affect your attitude and focus. Since The Mine is located in drizzly Seattle they needed an extra boost of energy in their offices to keep creativity and productivity at the forefront of each day.


The Mine enlisted their own interior design team to redesign every nook and cranny and their unique take on conference rooms will make you want to schedule a few extra meetings just to hang out in them! They decided to go bold here and be inspired by the tropics! We asked the designer below for her inspiration behind the room.


“The wallpaper is energizing and the decorative items allow The Mine team to experience our online offerings up close. Our goal is to provide all of our spaces with an individual story or theme to showcase even more of our amazing collections.” – Ellen Morrow, Interior Designer of The Mine

“Inspired by the outdoors, our Green House conference space serves as one of our biggest meeting spots and makes those in the room feel refreshed and happy.” – Hayley Francis, Trend Manager of The Mine 


The Green House is filled with shades of green, warm wood tones and textured materials like rattan, cotton and concrete. The mixing and matching of textures makes for a playful look that can inspire even the bluest of Monday’s! It’s no surprise that the company dog, Finn, is digging the new style. 

  1. Fern Hanging Basket | 2. Rattan Mini Pendant | 3. Palm Leaf Wallpaper | 4. Bell Jar | 5. Office Chair | 6. Marble Dining Table | 7. Lala Stool | 8. Hanging Chair | 9. Fern and Moss Basket | 10. Lancashire Bookcase | 11. Bette Decorative Planter | 12. Gray Chalcedony Trio

If you want to add some wild décor to your workspace shop the look here