Here’s to You, Mom: How 4 Entrepreneurs Are Toasting to Their Moms

This Mother’s Day, we’re partnering with Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker to share the toasts some of our favorite entrepreneurs want to share with their mothers. Introduced in 2018, Jane Walker celebrates the many achievements of women and those on the journey toward gender equality and equal representation. Jane Walker’s parent company, Diageo, is dedicated to promoting gender equality in the company—women comprise 40% of Diageo’s executive committee, nearly 40% of its Board, and nearly 50% of Johnnie Walker's expert whisky blending team.

To celebrate moms everywhere, we’re excited to share a few sweet and thoughtful toasts from some of our favorite content creators: Tyla-Lauren Gilmore, Caroline Ingraham Lee, and Maxie McCoy. Plus, we’re sharing a cocktail recipe below that you’re gonna want to make for the special women in your life this Mother’s Day!

”I'd love to toast my mom for staying open... for constantly being willing to learn new things, adapt, evolve, grow, and find new ways to connect with me + love me.”

”A toast to the strongest woman I know. Mom, I don’t tell you enough that I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. From your daily encouragement, to your crazy life lessons, to every amazing haircut you’ve given me. Thank you for being my first friend, my voice of reason and everything in between. All that I am or hope to be I owe to you. Love you, mom!”

”Mom, I dream of the day I will mean as much to someone as you have meant to me. You've shown me – by always being yourself – how to brighten everyday moments just by being there, how to run a business with effort and grace, and why everything is a little more fun with a glass in one hand, lipstick in the other. Having you as my mom is the jackpot of any lifetime.”

Ready to celebrate the boss ladies in your life? Whip up the Yes, She Can cocktail we served our International Women’s Day Dinner attendees last month and raise a glass to women everywhere—after all, they’re the reason we’re here!


1.5 oz Johnnie Walker Black Label, Jane Walker Edition

1.5 oz elderberry soda

1.5 oz ginger beer

Squeezed & dropped lemon wedge