Links from Our Group Chat: Kavanaugh, National Coffee Day, & More!


Kavanaugh headlines are currently ablaze. On Thursday, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s detailed Senate testimony of her memories of Brett Kavanaugh’s attempted assault gave us goosebumps and tears. Many women found it relatable, heart-wreaching, and were sharing their own stories and support for Ford across social media. For the record, President Trump agreed to open a ‘limited’ FBI investigation into accusations against Kavanaugh. We’ll be watching.

Besides being the hometown of Travis Scott and Beyoncé, H-Town is now home to the first Black-owned hostel in the U.S.. Deidre Mathis founded Wanderstay, the hostel of our dreams with a bright aesthetic and co-working spaces in Houston with hopes to expand to more cities across the country.

Have you thought about moving to the City of Angels for your dream job? Tyeal (yes, like the color), our marketing coordinator here at C&C did.  From couch surfing to interning with only $500 in her pocket, she blossomed into the woman that has brought so much color, life, and brightness into our office. Check out her full story on Forbes.

Ever heard the saying cracking open a cold one with the girls to watch a football game? Probably not. Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm are “touching down” as the first all-woman broadcast for the NFL’s Thursday Night Football program streaming on Amazon Prime for the next 10 games. There’s something to add to your Thursday night watchlist aside from Shonda’s TGIT lineup.

But first, National Coffee Day (Sept. 29). Unfortunately, Instagram-worthy $10 lattes aren’t on the list for snagging a cup of cold brew on the house this weekend. However, some places that are trying to help you save up for the new iPhone Xs Max include Bulletproof Coffee, Intelligentsia, La Colombe, Peet’s Coffee, Sprinkles, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Verve.

ACLU-screwed up Facebook. A class-action lawsuit from the ACLU is pending against the social media giant for running hiring ads targeted only towards males. Thanks for making the job hunt even harder and more unfair than it already was, Facebook.

By: Ashley Banayan

Ashley Banayan is a senior at the University of Southern California pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism with a minor in Web Technologies and Applications from the Viterbi School of Engineering. Currently, she works as an editorial intern for Create and Cultivate. She has experience in traditional public relations, social media marketing, influencer relations, content creation, and web development. Furthermore, she is the founder of Geocasion, a company designing Snapchat Geofilters for both businesses and personal clients, garnering 4.5 million views. In turn, these experiences led her to focus on the convergence and disruption in media, communication and web technologies.