We Want to Know—How Was Your C&C Experience “Unlike Any Other?”


Who has Mexico City on their travel bucket list?  I know I do. With the vibrant culture, incredible food, and refreshing agua frescas you can get right from any street market, it’s no wonder we wanted to bring some of that energy to our NYC Create & Cultivate conference.


Thanks to our friends at New Belgium Brewing, we were serving up their deliciously light and refreshing Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza. This new beer is produced in partnership with Primus Cerveceria, a leading Mexican craft brewery based in Mexico City. Mural is an homage to the classic agua fresca that pushes boundaries of what we think about beer. Featuring hibiscus, agave, watermelon, and lime for a fresh, vibrant sip—this beer is like going to Mexico City, minus the airfare.


Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza is a beer unlike any other, and in that spirit, we asked C&C attendees how their conference experience was unlike any other too.

Amie Colosa: “The fact that everyone wanted to connect and learn about each other. I’ve been to conferences before that touted the social aspect but it was definitely lacking. C&C NYC made it so interactive and truly set up for connecting.”

Audrey Saskia Tetzeli: “Similar to the Workparty book and podcast, it was equal parts inspirational and informational. I also loved how it was feminine, curated to perfection, and still unpretentious. You quickly found out how much talent and heart was behind each and every detail, speaker, and sponsor alike.“

Nadia Rassoul: “I’ve been following Create & Cultivate for years and have always wanted to attend their conferences so I was ecstatic that I could attend their NYC one. The jam-packed day was filled with meaningful conversation, inspiring panels, and empowering women.”

Sponsor: New Belgium Mural Agua Fresca