C+C Link Love: Vol 1

Sitting poolside for the 4th of July? Vegging out and binge-watching Netflix on the 5th? 

Here's a roundup of some of the Create + Cultivate staffer's favorite people, places, and things from the week to keep you busy. Enjoy.


Jaclyn, Founder

WORKOUT Before or after work? Which is better for your mood and productivity? Fast Company investigates.

READ DryBar's mega-successful founder Alli Webb's beauty & career advice from Byrdie

READ Got a co-worker who's slacking off? Read this.


Linnea, Intern

HIGH TEA Griffith Park just got a new teahouse with epic views of the city!

ADVISE NY Mag asked 25 famous women for the best advice they've ever given or received.

BINGE If you're still binge-watching OINTB like I am, enjoy this


Jazzi, Editorial Director

DANCE vicariously or go take a barre class in honor of the incredible Misty Copeland's historical promotion to Principal Dancer in the American Ballet Theater. 

FOLLOW @unclesamsung on Instagram. He's like @marniethedog's super-weird counterpart.

READ Peter Nguyen's The Money of Art changed the way I think about my creative work—check out his awesome C+C post on self-publishing too! 


Priscilla, Social Media Director

WATCH Still celebrating marriage equality! Obsessed with Beyoncé's #LoveWins dance on her Insta! 

DOWNLOAD This app might be even more helpful than your tax lady. Keep track of your earnings, income, and expenses with zen99

LISTEN After three years, we were due for some new Beach House material. Hear "Sparks", the new single off of their upcoming album Depression Cherry.


Hope, Event Coordinator

FOLLOW @jamieleereardin. She is Dior's resident Beauty Artist and her #dailyscribbles will make you want to start sketching ASAP.

DOWNLOAD Whether you love or hate to cook, Forks Over Knives will be your kitchen BFF. It's an app that takes you from boxed macaroni to Rachel Ray in no time.

READ Nice Is Just a Place in France, a hilarious yet hard truth perspective from The Betches (@betches) on “how to win at basically everything” and why just being nice won't cut it. Read it poolside. 

Steph, Director of Events

LISTEN to "10,000 Emerald Pools" by BØRNS. It’s bringing me to zen.

FOLLOW Linda Kim (@itslindak). She is the raddest, baddest, sweetest chic with an eye for design.

READ Los Angeles Stories by Ry Cooder. It's an L.A. noir mystery series and a must-read.