Poppin' By: The East L.A. Studio of Hija de tu Madre by Patty Delgado

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Every month this year we're profiling a female entrepreneur, popping by their workspace and enjoying a bit of bubbly. "Poppin' By" is a Create & Cultivate profile series in Partnership with Chandon. Here's a cheers to amazing, working women! 

When we log onto Instagram, we’re bound to see an influx of different brands and shops that made their mark on the social media platform. Every now and then we come across one that sticks out, and has a message that’s so much more than just an item of clothing. In this case, one social-first brand we haven’t taken our eyes off of is Hija de tu Madre. The colorful Instagram feed has a much bigger story and message, and it’s one of the few Latinx-inspired marketplaces out there for the millennial audience.

Do a quick search of the #VirgencitaJacket hashtag on Instagram and you’ll come across a sea of women sporting the bedazzled version of The Virgin of Guadalupe left and right. As a first-generation Latina, Patty strived to highlight the beautiful culture of the Latinx people through history, symbolism, and vibrant designs that get people talking. You’ll find jackets, jewelry pieces, cell phone cases, and so much more, with a few messages directed towards today’s current politics, Latinx sayings, and downright art.

Patty was kind of enough to allow us to step into her Boyle Heights showroom, as the business has grown from its online presence. We chatted about her story, how she got started, and how Hija de tu Madre is changing the world of Latinx fashion. Cheers!

Can you share the backstory on how Hija Tu Madre came about?
Back in 2016 I made a #VirgencitaJacket for myself, and I instantly fell in love with it. A light bulb went off in my head, I knew that if this jacket meant so much to my personal cultural core, other Latinas might feel the same. Fast forward a few months later, I launched Hija de tu Madre with just $500, 30 Virgencita Jackets and a mission to celebrate Latina identity in fashion.

What inspired the movement of your sequin embroidered jackets?
The Virgencita Jacket started it all, and then we started doing other designs like Frida Kahlo, our Sacred Corazon, LATAM flags, Loteria inspired designs, and kids jackets. Our jackets are loud shiny statements of identity, and are what make our brand really special.

What’s the favorite part of your workspace?

Pink errythang! I like to feel inspired and surrounded by cultural inspiration, and my headquarters does just that.

What has been the most surprising element of entrepreneurship for you?
I’m constantly blown away by how supportive other women have been of my journey, and how many new friends I’ve made because of Hija de tu Madre.

What are some of the biggest rewards you’ve experienced being a Latinx business owner?
The biggest reward has been being able to connect with a wide audience of Latinas who just get me. I love being able to share my vision with my followers and customers every single day, the community that we’ve built so far is the best part of my job.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration in my childhood, upbringing, culture, family, and Mexican / Xicana identity.

Is there anyone you wish you would’ve hired earlier on for your business?

I think I’ve been growing my business at the right pace, and hiring the right people at the right time. So, I don’t think I would’ve hired anyone in the earlier stage because it wouldn’t have been the right time.

If you could tell your 20-year-old self anything, what would it be?

Your life is about to pop off real quick, I promise. Also, care more about your credit score.

If there’s one piece of advice you could give all female entrepreneurs what would it be?

Take the risk, and invest in your happiness.

Who are your biggest female influences?

All the women in my family, because they’ve always been hustlers. They’re my biggest supporters.

What do you hope is next for your business?

I’d like to grow our business to include more product categories like home and office goods. In addition to growing our collections, we want to keep creating pieces and content the celebrate Latinas. Making sure our customers feel empowered and seen is our number one priority.