Poppin' By: The Venice Abode of Boy+Girl by Christine Chang

Every month this year we're profiling a female entrepreneur, popping by their workspace and enjoying a bit of bubbly. "Poppin' By" is a Create & Cultivate profile series in Partnership with Chandon. Here's a cheers to amazing, working women! 


What do you get when you combine Venice, local artisan creations, and a bright, airy space? The beach-adjacent boutique of boy+girl. The shop is a favorite of Angelenos, and the touches of California culture are evident in each and every piece. Designed in Venice and manufactured in Downtown LA, boy+girl creates sustainable clothing for children and men. Boy is rooted in California’s surf and skate culture, while girl stems from simple, European sensibility.

Designer Christina Chang, ensures that each piece is produced from natural fabrics, sourced from Japanese, European, and American Mills. But, how did she come up with the concept that turned into one of L.A.’s buzziest brands? She started off as a buyer at Ralph Lauren, ABC Home, and Nike before pursuing the design route. Wanting to build something that aligned with her passion for consciousness and sustainability, boy+girl came out of a very authentic place in Chang’s heart.

We stepped into her Venice abode, full of natural light, air, and a collection of eco-friendly pieces spread throughout. In this installment of Poppin’ By, we learn about Christine’s inspirations, her career, and what’s next for the successful designer. Her vision, effortless styling, and love for sustainable craftsmanship is evident all around.

Can you share the backstory on how boy+girl came about?

I was inspired to create something meaningful; a brand with a soul. I wanted to make something very high quality, beautiful, special, sustainable. Something that has a strong visual identity where you just look at it and go, oh that’s boy+girl.

What inspired you to create clothing for children?

I wanted to create something with positive energy.  No one can be unhappy looking at children’s clothes. From the sewers to our customers in the shop, everyone is always smiling when they see these clothes. It’s playful, it’s whimsical, it’s light-hearted. People naturally feel joyful around them. To work in that kind of environment is amazing.

What’s the favorite part of your workspace?

The natural light.

What has been the most surprising element of entrepreneurship for you?

It’s essentially all problem-solving. You have to be creative to think of solutions and opportunities!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere, really. Seeing what other people wear, home decor, music…I love to travel and see new places, it always wakes you up.

If you could tell your 20-year-old self something, what would it be?

It’s really not that big of a deal, everything’s going to be ok!

If there’s one piece of advice you could give all female entrepreneurs what would it be?

Be prepared to work hard, don’t take no for an answer and look for fellow allies in your field and beyond. It’s so important to have a support network you can turn to for advice.

Who are your biggest female influences?

I’ve always been obsessed with Jane Goodall. Her tenacity and determination to follow her dreams and make a difference is incredible. As a designer, Stella McCartney. She’s created a paradigm shift in the retail world about what it means to be sustainable.

What do you hope is next for your business?

That boy+girl continues to grow domestically and internationally. I love seeing pictures of kids all over the world wearing boy+girl, it’s the best feeling ever.

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