How Bri Emery Plans to Work More Effectively (Yes, Even Over the Holidays)


Bri Emery's life is a Design. Love. Fest. She designed it that way. As the Los Angeles-based founder and editor of designlovefest, her lifestyle blog that she says was never supposed to be her day job. 

But since her first post in 2009, she's collabed with Target, art director for Benefit Cosmetics, Gap, Nespresso and so many more. She even launched a limited run wine brand in the summer of 2016. Does that make you need a drink?

We checked in with the powerhouse creative to see how she handles the stress of work and holidays. Plus, how she's using her Google Home to stay even more on top of her ish. It's her hands-free assistant that's going to help her cook a turkey. We're into it. 

You're so freakin' busy! What’s your trick for staying on top of everything this holiday season?

I’ve learned my lesson not to completely bombard myself with tasks right before the holidays, because then I usually get sick the moment I have some time to relax. I’m staying on top of my to-do list this year and trying to finish up jobs earlier, so that the transition is less abrupt. The holidays are so important to be with the people we love and enjoy our down time.

We spy a Google Home. How did you think it will streamline your life and biz?

I love how it’s there to answer any little question I have. What’s the weather like in a city I’m traveling to for work? What’s on my calendar today? Setting reminders for appointments. It’s always helping me out.

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Ok, so any little question.... What’s was the first question you asked your Google Home?

Hey Google, "How do I cook a turkey!?"

Where are you using your Google Home the most? How is Google Home making your life easier?

I use my Google Home in the kitchen mostly. I'm constantly playing music while I’m cooking, using it for a timer, or asking it questions like "Hey Google, how many teaspoons in an ounce?” It’s like my sous chef!

What else can you do with it? What are your favorite podcasts to listen to on your Google Home?

I’ve been listening to the podcast “Where Should We Begin” with Esther Perel. She gives a peek at relationship counseling and has awesome communication advice. It’s fascinating. I also became obsessed with the crime podcast “Up and Vanished.”

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