Behind The Stage: How Our Team Built The C&C Austin Pop-Up

At Create & Cultivate, we truly believe that teamwork makes the dream work—FOR REAL. We’re a small but super mighty crew of ladies fostering a community of badass working women who deserve the very best. And we take that to heart! Whether they’re juggling a 9-to-5 and a 5-to-9 or putting in the work 24/7 for their own company, we know how hard our fans work. So we work just as hard to make sure our events are best-in-class with top-tier talent, tangible takeaways, and moving moments that make our events so unforgettable. To do that month in and month out takes a serious amount of collaboration, communication, and of course, problem-solving.

In the spirit of collaboration, we want to share our team’s experience with YOU. We’ve teamed up with Microsoft Teams to give you a behind-the-stage look at the hard work that goes into bringing our buzzed-about events to life. After all, most small companies face a lot of the same problems as us, so we’re all about sharing our solutions with you. Dive into our first-ever Create & Cultivate documentary to find out why our team is the DNA behind everything we do.

Watch Our Austin Pop-Up Team Documentary Below!

How We Use Teams To Bring Events To Life

0:52—On the go? SAME! Having the Microsoft Teams mobile app has changed the way we communicate. Chats, @mention notifications, file sharing, and handy tools like meeting transcription and background blur keep us professional and in constant communication to help us make fast, informed decisions on the fly.  

1:00—For easy collaboration, we split everyone working on our Austin Pop Up into different channels on Microsoft Teams based on their roles within the big project. For example, We created an AUSTIN 2019 Team and broke out individual channels for production, talent, marketing, and partners. Each channel has their own chats to have discussions specific to their tasks, and then we also had an all-hands channel for general Austin event communication + encouragement. We like to use team chat to pump each other up the day of the event with fun GIFs and shoutouts!

1:25—When we’re in full-on event planning mode, we’re rarely all in the same room. Our events team might be scouting locations, our account managers might be at client meetings, and our marketing team might be off-site working with talent. That’s where online meetings come into play—when we need face-to-face time, being able to link up and work through things like last-minute production changes, campaign details, and digital edits is a lifesaver.

Need to streamline your team’s processes and create a collaborative hub for your business? Download Microsoft Teams today to get a jump start on teamwork success!