8 Working Moms Share Some Real Talk This Mother's Day

photo credit: Pexels 

photo credit: Pexels 

To all you working moms out there we salute you. There is no harder job. And this Mother’s Day we hope you feel inspired by these 8 amazing women. They are founders and CEOs, women of Wall Street and champions for change. But above all, they are mom. 

KATIA BEAUCHAMP, CEO & cofounder, Birchbox 

Becoming a mom has made me better at time management, delegating and prioritizing. It has truly allowed me to identify my priorities and give me a mental break from always thinking about the business. Before I had children, it was hard to really turn my brain off from work. Now as a mom, I understand how important those mental breaks are in helping me bring a refreshed perspective and approach to my work. It is hard to achieve this ideal notion of "balance," but my approach is to recognize that there will be times when one aspect of your life needs more from you. Overall my goal is two-fold: be present in the place I need to prioritize (work, family, friends and me); be nice to myself. — on balancing a huge career while being a mother to twins (and pregnant) 

"Becoming a mom has made me better at time management, delegating and prioritizing."

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YASMINE DELWARI JOHNSON, co-founder, Alliance of Moms  

"A man may work from sun to sun, but a woman's work is never done." My grandmother who had 12 kids said this over and over. I cannot tell you how many times I hear Nanny's voice and these words in my head. — on the best piece of advice she’s ever received. 

JULES LEYSER, co-founder, Alliance of Moms 

Society's narrative that women can have it all is creating an enormous amount of pressure and stress. I am definitely a feminist and never more so than right now but I think its fine for women to do it all just not necessarily all at the same time. Its pretty impossible to be a full time working mom who looks like she's ready to shoot a magazine cover on a daily basis as well as be able to debate the nuances of the refugee crisis in Syria. But that's what held up to us as the model for female success. I would like for the conversation to be more about self care rather than competing in some social media race for who can get the most followers.  — on changing the conversation for women

SARA FOSTER, producer, writer & actress 

I don't raise my daughters with the mind set of having to fight for their empowerment. Maybe that isn't smart, but I raise them with the idea that it's already in them. It's there, so no need to fight for it. Honestly, we have vaginas. We have all the power. -- on the power within 

MELISSA GRILLO ARUZ, VP of Platform, Forerunner Ventures 

"Stop pretending like you aren’t important.” I think every little girl should grow up with this one as it is something that many young girls struggle with especially during their early adult years. — on the best piece of advice she’s ever received

REBECCA MINKOFF, founder, Rebecca Minkoff 

Some days I do, but other times of course I don't. It's impossible to strike the perfect balance every day. I think a lot of it is trial and error and more than anything about trusting yourself. Knowing when to step in and knowing when it's okay to step back. — on whether or not she feels like “supermom”

JENNI KAYNE, founder, Jenni Kayne 

After I had my second child, I really struggled for that first year. It was really challenging to balance having to kids and running the business. — on a time in her life she found incredibly challenging


Right after I had my daughter, I cried to my mother that I couldn't do my job and be a mother to two little ones. She brushed off my tears and said (in a pretty brusque way), "Of course you can. You're just going to be really tired for awhile." She was right. — on the best piece of advice she’s ever received