Why You Should Be Wary of Online Resume Templates

As a certified professional resume writer, I stay on top of current trends in hiring patterns and resume writing. A lot of people reach out to me asking for flashy resumes that they’ve seen on Pinterest; however, the truth is, a flashy resume won’t get you the job. A lot of the templates online don’t include the information needed on a resume, so today we’re talking about why you should be wary of those templates. Regardless of how pretty your resume is, if the content isn’t there, the pretty resume won’t do you any good.

The truth about a lot of the flashy resume templates online

First of all, it’s important to note that most of the resume templates you see online are created by designers who have no background in resume writing, recruiting, or hiring. They are coming from a completely visual background. A lot of the resume templates circulating the internet right now are minimalistic, eye-catching, and look more like a work of art than a resume—because many have no real information on them. These templates don’t often offer the space needed for the right information about you, your experience, and your skill set.

Infographics are another popular style of resume known for their attractive nature. While they may appear to hold a lot of information, I have yet to see an infographic resume that actually contains the necessary information needed on a resume. Additionally, many recruiters agree that infographic resumes rarely work when applying for corporate jobs as they don’t pass through applicant tracking systems.

What kind of resume will help your job search?

A resume alone will not get you a job. A resume is tool that will help you get an interview. Your resume, interview, personal brand, connections, and a lot of other factors will help you get a job. Hiring doesn’t come down to your resume alone.

To create an effective resume that will help you in your job search, you should make sure your document meets the following requirements:

  • It highlights your value and gives concrete metrics and achievements to show what you’ve done

  • It is accomplishment-based, not responsibility-based

  • It is catered to the specific job you’re applying for

  • It is free from spelling and punctuation errors

  • It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read

When you’re trying to create an effective resume to help you land your dream job, it’s important to keep in mind that a great resume contains information that highlights your value. An online resume template or a flashy resume with no information won’t get you the job. Resumes that are focused on visual appearance rarely have the right information that recruiters and hiring managers are looking for. Resume templates are often created by graphic designers who focus on creating a document that is visually appealing, not on creating an effective resume to meet your needs. Instead of using an online resume template, use the visual aspect for inspiration to create a document for yourself, or reach out to a certified professional resume writer for help!

Written by Michele Lando, Certified Professional Resume Writer