Guess How Often This Beverage Company Debuts A New SKU


Everyone is on the hunt for the next buzzy beverage to sip on. Companies like Suja know all about this. 

The beverage brand is always working on its next product innovation. And in building Suja from a cold pressed juice company to a healthy beverage “master brand,” CEO and co-founder Jeff Church has instilled in the Suja team the importance of taking chances.

Over the company’s six years in existence, that bias toward risk-taking has become Suja’s calling card. Fueled by an innovation pipeline that debuts a new SKU every nine days on average, Suja has extended beyond its core juice line into categories like probiotic beverages, kombuchas and most recently making its debut with plant-based milks. Dedicated to consumer needs and demands, the company is setup to quickly adapt its offerings post-release based on consumer feedback and, in doing so, has learned a great deal about how to win-over fans with each new product they introduce to the market.

Innovation is the name of their game. Here are a few ways they stay in front of the market. 

Probiotic Beverages: Probiotic functional beverages were first introduced to the market as a way to promote gut health but have since evolved to support overall wellness. As a response, Suja created Probiotic Vinegar Juices and Pressed Probiotic Waters to introduce their consumers to a new facet of beverages that the brand had yet to tap. The Probiotic Vinegar Juices (formerly Drinking Vinegars that launched in Sept. 2016) were born from Suja’s obsession with nutritious cold-pressed juice and digestive health and includes blends of organic Apple Cider Vinegar or Coconut Vinegar with the mother still intact, plus four billion live probiotics in every bottle. For a lighter option, in early 2016 Suja opted for Pressed Probiotic Waters enhanced with nothing but organic fruits, vegetables and vegan probiotics. At ten calories and one gram of sugar or less per bottle, Suja Pressed Probiotic Waters offer a subtle sweetness with no additives of any kind. 

Kombuchas: While the brand was a bit late to the kombucha market, in September of 2017 Suja made up for it with the introduction of first-of-its-kind adaptogenic Organic Kombuchas boosted with functional adaptogens like reishi, ashwagandha and moringa. Combined with cold-pressed juice and 5 billion CFUs of vegan probiotics, these powerful herbal adaptogens are found in Suja's six varieties of non-alcoholic kombucha that are also organic and non-GMO with just 30 calories and 7 grams of sugar per serving.

Plant Milks: For the first time, Suja is entering the plant milk category with its latest innovation - Organic Plant Protein Milks. Suja’s new organic plant protein milks offer a comparable nutritional profile to dairy milk, but with more fiber and 50% less sugar. This premium, nut-free alternative features a creamy blend of pea protein, sunflower seed butter and flax seeds with no artificial or natural flavors. Enjoy straight from a glass or as a plant-powered base for cereal or smoothies.

What sounds good to you?