Our Favorite Mic Drop Moments from #CCBeautySummit!

What does in mean to be a beauty boss? Lucky for you, we're laying the foundation. 

Because we spoke all things beauty boss at our #CCBeautySummit with Mary Kay in New York City! Our panelists chatted everything from building a beauty business, starting their career, social media, and so much more. 

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Here are our favorite mic drop moments from the Beauty Summit!

Never think you’re too good for anything and be humble. We’re in the service industry our job is to make our client feel good. - @justinemarjan 

Be cautious of who you follow on social media. Follow people who are going to make you feel good. You have control!

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I want my legacy to be being a mom and being a good role model. I want my kids to be proud of me - @MollyBSims 


I think when you’re consistent with your work and you’re a good person, then you’ll be able to top yourself. @MakeupByMario 

A detox is so important because we’re always comparing ourselves and I think that limits your full potential. @katieaustin 

Going bare face is something I do a lot. Having transparency is a way to connect more with your readers. @ColorMeCourtney 

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“When people say negative things to me, sometimes I comment back and say something positive. You never know what people are going through.” @ItsMyRayeRaye

“We didn’t want to wait for other people’s permission.” - @lindseydayy on starting @CRWNmag 

"I love the quote, ‘You can be the juiciest peach out there, but there’s still going to be someone who doesn’t like peaches.'" @AltorreTweets

"It’s always been about, how do I deliver happiness to everyone?" - @gibsontuttle 

"I’m a conduit for creativity and I have to be conscious of what I put out. I have to be real because I would never want someone to feel less than because they only get the best me." - @AllyMissLove

"Pick people that’ll teach you and push you to be successful. It makes you better." -- @SHershbergerNYC

Did you join us for our first ever Beauty Summit with Mary Kay? Let us know what your favorite gem of the day was in the comments below!