Building a Selfless Squad with Working Wonder: Ally Love

Ally Love’s name is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. This empowering and inspiring woman has hearts in her eyes and joy in her soul. The host, model, dancer, producer, and founder of LoveSquad has created a career where she’s in charge. 

Case in point: she created LoveSquad to share her own personal journey to find fulfillment. It has evolved into a means to unite people, to motivate readers, to help others push their limits, improve their habits, and finish everything with Love. 

Wonder how she does it all? Read on to find out more about Ally’s Squad, her day-to-day, and why a little sweat can do wonders for you too. 


Let's start with the basics. What does the idea of Working Wonders mean to you? 

It means being selfless in the approach to make the world a safer, and better place by championing diversity, and equality. 

How has the work you do with LoveSquad made you feel wonderful? 

LoveSquad is about community. So, the fact that I’m able to empower and encourage others through confidence, tactile takeaways, and support, is what makes me feel wonderful, and more importantly, makes others feel wonderful. 

LoveSquad believes in being multifaceted, sweating on the outside and taking those first steps to improving what’s on the inside. How do you encourage women to actually take those first steps? 

I encourage women to begin with conversation. This is the first step and ultimate process for change. It’s through conversation, that we are able to find creativity, cultivate ideas, and work through concepts.

What is your advice for younger female entrepreneurs struggling to feel their own sense of wonder. Or, those wondering if they're on the right track? 

If struggle is your current position, I would always advise young entrepreneurs to take a break. Take a couple of days to be present, gauge the health of the business, and prioritize your objectives. From there, you can get advice from a mentor, or a trusted friend on whether you should continue to pursue this career path. 

Take a couple of days to be present, gauge the health of the business, and prioritize your objectives.

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Do you think there is a difference between 'beauty' and feeling 'beautiful?' 

I think they are one and the same. They are both subjective, offered to everyone, and both do not indicate or dictate your self-worth. 

What do you hope other women feel about themselves and the concept of "beauty?" 

That they don’t have to be “beauty” or “beautiful” unless they want to. It’s a label, however not the end-all-be-all.

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I love vitamin C toner to remove dead skin and invigorate my color. 

When do you feel the most wonderful? 

I feel most wonderful when I’m a part of a conversation that is not only inspiring but providing insight that could potentially encourage and change lives. 

Who is a woman you would consider a Working Wonder? Someone you want to give a shout out to? 

I think that Elaine Welteroth is doing an incredible job standing out front and center as a woman- as even more as a black woman, she is an example to all women to get out and be the change we want to see, to stand up and advocate for justice and equality.

We'll be featuring wonderful women paving the way in their careers as part of our new Working Wonders series with Mary Kay. Check back for more inspiration and wonderful words of wisdom.