3 Beauty Miracles Busy Women Swear By

Let's get real, sometimes we wish we had a fairy godmother who can work miracles when we need to keep focused on the business tasks at hand. 

Long hours on the clock and never-ending to-do lists can do major damage to our ideal sleep schedule and self-care routines. We're all looking for those key tips to keep us feeling confident while we focus on crushing that next work goal. 

Beauty tips that work miracles were the talk of the table at our dinner with Mary Kay® in New York City. We gathered a few of our friends dominating the beauty game to celebrate the launch of Mary Kay's® TimeWise® Miracle Set 3DTM

We're sharing some of our favorite timeless beauty tips from the evening below.

Samantha Black shared that no matter how she's feeling, "A pop of color is my beauty miracle. Wether you have on no makeup or very light makeup, a pop of color on your lip always makes your look complete."

Melissa Alatorre came through with the timeless reminder that, "Drinking a lot of water and eating healthy really translates to your skin. Those are my beauty miracles."

Sasha Colina left us in awe with her beauty miracle and we can't wait to try it out!

"If you're putting on mascara and it accidentally gets on your eye lid, wait until it's completely dry and then use a clean mascara brush and it will flake right off."


With The Musket Room's stunning ambiance, flawless table settings and beautiful guests the night was definitely one to remember. Check out more photos from the evening below. 

Have any beauty miracles of your own? Share them with us in the comments!

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