Summer Is Coming: What Are Your Road Trip Essentials

Hitting the road during summer is a rite of passage. 

Everyone needs the inspiration of a wide open highway, the wind blowing through their fingers, and the smell of possibility in the air. What’s out on the horizon? There’s only one way to find out: take the MINI wheel and go. 

And since summer is just around the corner, we checked with three of our favorite women, who happen to travel a ton, what is on their road trip essentials list. 





What are your road trip essentials?

A rockin' playlist, my iPad, a face mask, a good book, and lots and lots of snacks. 

Do you have any tips and tricks for traveling for work?

1. Whenever possible pack only a carry-on.

2. Keep a small foldable bag in your purse or tote bag for any extra purchases. 

3. Create a capsule wardrobe for the trip

4. Always pack extra chargers

5. Pack a top or spare outfit into your carry-on if you have to check a bag. That way if you have meetings when you arrive you have an outfit incase anything goes wrong with the one you're wearing. 

6. Invest in noise-canceling headphones. Nothing worse than being super tired from noises for your meetings! 

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What are your Road Trip essentials?

Number one is a great playlist, music is key.. Something hydrating like the True Botanicals Nutrient Mist that I'm loving right now.. Sunglasses, an enormous water bottle, and then lots of snacks - I'm addicted to candy and popcorn, both very essential for a good road trip. Also, a great companion to go in and out of talking to!

Do you have any trips and tricks for traveling for work? 

I have to travel quite a lot for work. I take our big Lenny cashmere scarf with me every time I get on a plane, it's so cozy and warm. I always make sure to eat a substantial meal before I travel because airplane food is just not my vibe, and you don't want to find yourself hungry for hours.. of course I always bring candy and snacks to nibble on throughout though. For international travel, you just cannot nap or sleep during the day when you get to your destination. It will mess up your whole sleep cycle.. So just get through the tired feeling and go to sleep early and be prepared to wake up early.. I like to take a Melatonin the first day or two to help me get on a rhythm. And then drink more water than you even think you should! 




And because both women mentioned a great playlist, we had to ask the actress and style icon....

What's on your Road Trip Playlist?

Haim I love. Beyoncé obviously. Twin Shadow-- which  my stepdaughter introduced me to. And Beach House.  

Need an updated road trip playlist? Here's ours to keep the vibes right on your next road trip!