Why You Deserve a Spring Break

An unbothered, sweet week of silence. Or raucous good time in Tulum. However you choose to take a break, is fine by us-- as long as you take it. 

According to a recent Gallup poll only six in 10 Americans took a vacation in 2017. The same poll claimed, “Employers might do well to examine how to encourage vacation time in a way that benefits their workforce's engagement as well as their employees' overall well-being, including such radical policies as having no vacation policies at all.”

Which brings us to-- SPRING BREAK. Why do we lose that precious time known as spring break as adults? Sure, there are emails to be answered and dial-in conference calls to be managed, but it’s vital that you take a brain break. 

Studies have shown that the respite effects of a vacation can increase productivity, concentration, and creativity, by as much as 80 percent. There are even companies offering bonuses to employees who use their vacation days. (Sounds like a dream, right?) 

And when you’re on said break, you need some sweet footwear. Here are some of our favorite ADULT SPRING BREAK options from Dolce Vita

UMA in White

A white boot is very of-the-moment. And there is something super romantic about this embellished western-style bootie. Bonus: it looks great with a cold one in hand. 

DANE in Indigo

An update on the wedge, that can easily transition from day-to-night. This is what we call a perfect packer. Wear it to the beach. Wear it to cocktails. There is nothing that the DANE can’t do. (Sort of like you. Hello multi-tasker.) 

KAI in Caramel

We love a little lace-up sandal in caramel that elongates your leg. (Too bad it can’t elongate your vacation.) But, hey, with a little R&R you’ll go back to work looking to the future. 

ZARITA in Yellow

This is the essential summer sandal. Which means, your feet can be on vacation, even if you aren’t. (But please, as previously stated, take a break!) 

CELITA in Blue

And finally, what’s spring break without a slide? Like the embellished Celita in blue, which has the has the ideal amount of edge for everyday wear. Even when you’re back at your desk. 

Have spring break plans? Share in the comments below. It just might encourage someone else to take a break too!