Deepica Mutyala's Best Skincare Tips for Busy Women

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Beauty influencer and Founder of TINTED, Deepica Mutyala, says her skin is not a trend.

In her first tutorial upload to YouTube, Indian-American on-air beauty expert Deepica Mutyala takes a friendly and simple approach to contouring. It's not over-the-top. She uses her day-to-day products. The lighting... could be better. It's her barebones, barefaced entry to the world of YouTube. Never in a million years did she think millions of people would tune in. But they did. 

And it's the inspiring emails she receives that keep her going. "Surround yourself with those who want to see you win," the beauty guru has said.

We tapped the beauty expert and Neutrogena ambassador to get some skin care tips for busy on-the-go women and get our fresh face game plan together for the changing of seasons. 

How does your skin react to weather changes and what do you use to be proactive about skincare throughout the seasons? 

Deepica: I have dry skin and also skin that tends to hyper-pigment easily. I'm always using hydrating products but, one shift for me seasonally is that in the winter I will switch to products that quench my skin even more. There's also more masking than ever in the winter for me. Maybe because I'm at home more but also because my skin needs the extra love then the most. 

What are 2 mandatory skincare activities you’d recommend for busy women?

Deepica: Products with SPF built into them are a must - saves you time, energy, effort, and money! I'm not sure if this is weird, but at least growing up the face wash that was in my shower wasn't the same as the one in my medicine cabinet. It was one that I like but don't love but had there just to have.  

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What are your favorite travel friendly products?

Deepica: Tatcha Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm keeps my lips super nourished every day, and I pack it on, even more, when I'm traveling. I always bring the OLLY Restful Sleep Vitamins too! Planes are a great time for me to finally disconnect my mind and get sleep. It's not easy for me to do that with starting a new business so I never travel without them. Also, I never go without my travel pillow. I don't get how people sleep on planes without them!

Skincare tips for boss ladies who have late nights and early mornings?

Deepica: Hydration! In order to keep my skin glowing, it needs all the moisture it can get! My schedule is always so busy, now more than ever with the launch of TINTED (🙌🏾), so my favorite way to unwind after a long day is to mask. Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Hydrating Hydrogel Mask is one of my faves because the serum quenches my dry skin and when I’m done, I just rub all of the good stuff into my skin for the night and wake up to super soft skin! 

Vitamins are also my best friend these days! Not to be repetitive, but OLLY’s Vibrant Skin gummies always help me keep my skin healthy when I don't really have much time to take care of it. Also, I always keep my Neutrogena makeup remover wipes next to my bed incase it's THAT long of a day, and it's a reminder to take your face off, and go get your skincare on.

What are the essentials to nightly skincare?

Deepica: I love a good nighttime serum - I like to feel like I'm sleeping in an overnight mask so I wake up with my skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

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Best advice for women dealing with skin insecurities?

Deepica: You're not alone - every girl has them including me. That said, as I've gotten older, I've truly learned to embrace my flaws. No one is perfect I think with the social media world it's hard to remember that. Not enough people are talking about the reality of their lives and putting on a persona for the world that they think people want to see. I think if more people were just real and shared the reality of how they felt we all would win.  

How do you keep up the flawless fresh face during filming?

Deepica: I care about skincare more now than ever in my life. I didn't think I had to because my mom's skin is basically perfect, but she didn't play with makeup for a living so there's that. With the amount I have to take my face on and off on a daily basis for filming, I use any and every opportunity I can to be makeup free and let my skin breathe. Water has been my best friend and vitamins are a core part of my life now. I used to slack with SPF, but it's not an option anymore. That and using a skin essence are both recent life developments that won't be going anywhere anytime soon!

If you were stranded on an island and could only have one beauty product what would it be?

Deepica: Officially a broken record but OBVIOUSLY SPF! I can't emphasize the importance of that enough. I also feel like women of color aren't as good about it because we don't see the red burning as much as other women. The burn is real though - layer it on! Side note: Kate Somerville and Supergoop both have a great spray SPF so you aren’t left with a white overcast on your face for someone with my skin tone and I love everything that’s in spray form. Makes life so much more efficient!

Have any of your own skincare tips for on-the-go boss babes? Let us know in the comment section!