Skincare Facts Your Mom Never Told You

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MOM. We gotta talk. We know you grew up in the ‘70s when baby oil in the summertime was a thing, but you kind of left out some key education about skin care. And while glowing skin is lovely, sun damage is never in style. 

So, this is where we school you, with a bit of help from Mott50, the first anti-aging fashion brand with built-in sun every garment!

Think about it. How much are you spending on serums and lotions to keep your skin glowing and looking young? Why should you only worry about your face?

Here are some unique pieces of knowledge you should know. 

There’s no such thing as forever young, but… 

“Sun protection is the #1 remedy for anti-aging.  Anti-aging concerns are driving the wellness phenomenon.  Everyone wants to look and feel younger, for longer,” celebrity Dermatologist, Dr. Brodsky.

The cold hard truth is this: 90% of skin cancer stems from sun exposure. 50 million people are treated annually for skin cancer. 

Guess what kind of sun protection doesn’t wash off: 

You’re busy. Running around to meetings and you don’t always think about reapplying sunscreen on your arms or hands. #sunspots. It just so happens that the sun’s peak hours are between 10am-4pm. That’s right. Prime meeting time. Don’t get caught unprepared. 
"Clothing is the best way to protect against the dangers of the sun, it doesn't wash off, it maintains for the lifetime of the garment, and there is no need to reapply every two hours,” says celebrity Dermatologist, Dr. Amy Brodsky.

You don’t have to reapply, unless you want to change your clothes. 

“An average tee only has a UPF of 5 … you might not get visibly burned, but the UVA rays are still penetrating your shirt…and UVA rays are what cause aging, sun spots, and can cause cancer!” says Anne Reilly of the Mott50 team. 
All Mott50 apparel and swimwear is UPF50. Protect and love the skin you’re in by wearing something that’s good for you! And sun protection is now the #1 priority of the US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

And because we gotta give it up to our C&C keynote Kim. 

“‘Don’t touch your face’ – Kim Kardashian West swore by this in a Vogue interview and who wouldn’t want the complexion of the one and only selfie Queen,” says Madeline Flanagan of Mott50. 

And KKW is right. We spend all day picking up phones, shaking hands in business meetings, and touching our grimy computer keys. Why would you want all that on your face? You don’t. 

What other skincare tricks and tips do you have for us? Don’t worry, we’ll pass them along to Mom.