The 10 Best Quotes from #CreateCultivateLA

We're not your typical conference.

We have magical shit that happens. From keynote Kim Kardashian dishing her best career advice to our audience (she's not into lazy) to Chrissy Teigen real talking going back to work with postpartum depression, we're sharing some of our favorite mic drop moments from the day. 

Chrissy Teigen: It’s important to do something you love on a daily basis.”

Kim Kardashian: “Show up. Do the work. Don’t be lazy. There’s no short cut.”

Aimee Song: "You should find joy in just creating and posting content, not the numbers. If you don't, then you should do something else." 

Kim Kardashian: “You have to have your shit together mentally, to put out great product.”

Lauren Conrad: “Whatever you do, you’re going to have tough days. So make sure you have as many great days as you can.” 

Nina Dobrev: "I stop following people if it looks like they're just posting because they're getting paid to do something."

Traci Inglis of ShoeDazzle & JustFabOnline: “Being a business owner is a status, being an entrepreneur is an attitude.” 

Anine Bing: “If you surround yourself with great people then you can achieve higher goals.”

Kimmie Greene of Quickbooks: “What comes easy to you is still a gift. Don’t feel bad when you charge what you're worth.”

Jen Gotch of Bando: “Take connection over transaction.”

Have favorites from the day that you want to share? Comment below!