4 Ways to Revive Team Meetings


Our Mondays are booked solid. We’ve got meetings and conference calls back-to-back. In fact, our weeks are booked solid. And even though we love our #dreamteam, gathering in conference rooms or in drab offices, can really suck the joy right out of a creative brainstorm session. If our pain is your pain raise your hand. *raises hand.*

But drab is not the C&C way. 

Which is why we’re listing out 4 ways to bring more energy and excitement to your weekly team meetings. 

Bring food. 

Ordering food from a place that has something for everyone on your team, like Flower Child, is a great way to get everyone excited.  Flower Child caters to those with dietary restrictions offering an entire menu devoted to veggies, grains, fruits and healthy proteins – the things our bodies and minds need the most. Healthy eating gives you more energy and keeps you focused through the day. Add some brain food to the meeting mix and we can guarantee the idea board will be filled in no time.


Take the meeting on the road.

Who doesn’t love a team field trip? Off-site meetings have been proven to boost morale. Adding regular off-site meetings can give the team something to look forward to. Try a fun new location once a month. Visit a bowling alley with conference room availability. Find a restaurant with private dining space, that’s great to book out for a team gathering. 

Share your weekly #goals.

Break the ice before getting straight down to brass tacks. Have everyone around the room share what they want to accomplish that week. It doesn’t necessarily have to be work-related. Maybe someone on your team wants to eat better (see above solution from Flower Child). Maybe someone wants to time-manage better. By sharing goals, it relieves some of the work week stress and gives us an opportunity to share excitement for their joys for the week. It also helps remind us that Sally in HR might be just as bad at time-batching as we are. It’s important to remember that we all respond to stress differently. Taking the time to share goals with each other gives the team an opportunity to reframe the week. 


Sharing goals relieves work week stress.

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Take a funny break.

Laughter reduces stress levels and triggers the release of endorphins. We all love those endorphins, right? Try sharing something funny in between brainstorm sessions to give everyone a quick ‘lol’. It’ll be so worth it. Most of our personal favorites usually come from SNL. 

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Have any tips or tricks to revive work meetings? Let us know in the comment section!