5 Ways to Save Time During the Work Week

Photo by:  @samanthabroderick

You’re busy. We’re busy. Let’s cut to the chase, instead of making you chase your tail. 

We’re dropping five ways to save time during the week. 

Forget washing your hair 

You don’t have to wash your time worries away. Dry shampoo them. Using Living Proof’s dry shampoo can save you time if you’re in rush and need to skip a wash. Keep your blowout bouncy and your roots fresh for days. That way you can worry about more important things, like making deals. In heels if you so please. 

Photo by:  @juliengarman

Photo by: @juliengarman

Write your to-do list before bed

Are you one of those people who has to wake up on a round number? For instance, if it’s 7:21, you’ll sleep until 7:25. Those increments of five seem to make all the difference in the am, especially when it leaves you scrambling for time. What you should never scramble for is your sanity. 

Write your morning to-dos out before your snooze, that way if you have a conference call in the morning, or you have in an in-office meeting or an email that needs responding, you’re not freaked out and flustered. With a clear-cut list you will get a more peaceful night’s sleep. 

No need to wake up and stress about what to do for the day, you already wrote it out. Just keep it moving.

Choose tomorrow's outfit, tonight

Your mom made you do it as a kid, there’s no reason to stop doing it as an adult. Outfit prep is like meal prep-- it saves you. Waking up and trying to decide what to wear wastes so much time in the mornings. Spend a few extra minutes before bed to choose your outfit for the next day. 

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Be a morning minimalist 

We try to do too much in the morning. Simplify your routine by cutting one item off your to-do docket. If you think you can workout, shower, use your Headspace app, read through the morning news, make sure you don’t need to put out any email fires, home press your coffee, eat a healthy breakfast, and make it out the door with your hair and teeth brushed, forget it. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself in the AM. Go ahead and cross an item off, that way you don’t feel like you’re starting the day off on a failed foot. 

Lay off the snooze

It feels so harmless in the moment but not hitting that dreadful snooze button could save you so much time and stress throughout the week. And the more stress we are, the less we accomplish. Stress KILLS time.  

Move your phone or alarm a distance away from your bed so that you have to physically get up to turn it off. 

Have any more tips for saving time throughout the week? Let us know in the comments!