Links From Our Group Chat: Sofia Vergara Is Making Bank & A Brand New CoverGirl


Tomorrow is... dun. dun. dun... October. We're not sure how we got here. It feels like just yesterday we were heading to SXSW to host our first conference of the year-- and now, well. It's almost the end of 2017. That's crazy. 

What's also crazy you ask? The news! It's a wild ride out there. This is what we passed back and forth this week in our office. 

How did we never realized what a freakin' hustler Sofia Vergara is? Stack that paper.

Did you know that Sally Hansen was a real person. We didn't either. 

Unrelated: a record number of Americans contracted STDs in 2016. Practice safe sex. 

CoverGirl debuted its newest ambassador: Maye Musk, 69, who has been modeling for five decades. She is also a dietitian and nutritionist with two master’s degrees.

You can't be a boss if you don't understand yourself first.

Also, can we link to our own content? Cause there's another Sophia we couldn't stop talking about this week..