Links From Our Group Chat: Quest for World Domination TSwfit vs. Amazon


If you read it, but don't send it to a co-worker, did it happen?

This is what we dug into at the office last week. 

One of our favorites and sweetest bloggers around has a new clothing line perfect for petite girls. Find out who

Tswift isn’t the only one making a come back.

But did you know you wanted 45 thinking pieces on Taylor Swift and her reputation? The NY Times took this all a little too seriously. 

Why the person firing you is prob having a terrible time too. 

Put my thing down flip it and reverse it. We see you Kendrick. 

It's Amazon's world now. The rest of us are just living in it. 

On a serious note-- our thoughts go out to everyone in Texas to keep safe and dry. 

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