Exclusive Look Inside Kendra Scott's Jaw-Dropping Austin HQ

What if we told you there was a magic place where you could work, workout, get your nails done (for free!), huddle up in a huddle room with co-workers, grab snacks from a FULLY-stocked snack room, and also, if you're a new mom, pump in private? Well, guess what? For the 98% female employees at the Kendra Scott HQ in Austin, TX that's their every day. Don't believe us? Take a quick peruse through the amazing gallery above (including shots of Kendra's gorgeous office as well). It's like an office version of The Wing. Where you also get paid. 

DREAM JOBS? They're real. As Kendra Scott told us last month during our #CreateCultivateSXSW dinner her gorgeous office space, “You’re having dinner inside my dream. I was told ‘no’ so many times— that you can’t be a brand out of Texas.”

“But,” she said with a smile, “I love it when someone tells me I can’t do something.”