Quick & Easy Spring Must Haves for On-the-Go Women

Spring is officially here! And we’re sprung. But we’re also crazy busy with work travel plans, meetings on meetings on meetings, and still trying to make time to get out in the sunshine. 

And since we know you’re busy too, here are three quick travel tips for on-the-go women. 


You need to put your best face forward but lets face it, tons of travel plus an onslaught of environmental aggressors can leave your skin a little worse for wear. So, while it’s hard to have it all IRL, you can at least have it all when it comes to your moisturizer. 

Enter: A Perfect World collection from Origins. This line is designed to provide the most comprehensive protection against environmental stress, including new skin damaging stressors like infrared rays (IR) which makes up 50% of all light and penetrates deeper into skin than UV to cause protein damage, oxidative stress and free radical generation, all leading to accelerated aging. 

"It's hard to have it all IRL,  you can at least have it all when it comes to your moisturizer."

Our favorite (And what we gave away to the amazing speakers at #CreateCultivateSXSW): A Perfect World SPF 40 Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea, which is Origins highest SPF moisturizer. It’s a super-charged, oil-free moisturizer that delivers instant hydration with SPF 40 for broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Better yet, the essential oils within eliminate any kind of traditional SPF odor. Need it! 

Even better? It doesn’t feel like a sunscreen either! Goes on smooth and lasts all day, harnessing the powerful benefits of Silver Tip White Tea, Edelweiss, and White Birch to help protect skin on multiple levels and create a barrier that defends skin from harsh environmental stressors you can’t control, like pollution and UV. Helping you prevent premature signs of aging before they start. After all, it’s not a perfect world, but at least your skin can live in one! 

If you want to radiate this spring, A Perfect World should be your go-to. 


Up in the air is part of the job nowadays. Thank goodness for in-flight wifi! Also, thank the travel gods that our favorite luggage ladies at Away teamed up the women at Pop & Suki to create this Away suitcase in Pop & Suki’s signature pink with contrasting black accents. No one will mistake their bag for yours ever again!

With all the traditional perks of Away: 360-degree spinning wheels, a scratch-resistant shell and even a built-in USB charger. The suitcase caters to the needs of all travellers, coming in four different sizes. 

Quick reminder: YES! You should even wear SPF when up in the air. Airplane windows don’t filter out the sun’s UV rays. Especially if you’re a frequent flier clocking 20k+ miles per year. Think of it this way: the higher you go, the closer you are to the sun. Moisturize before and during your ride if it’s longer than three hours. 

And if you feel like snoozing on the plane, you can rest easy knowing that A Perfect World SPF 20 Age-Defense Eye Cream with White Tea, Origins first-ever SPF eye cream, will hydrate, brighten, and help protect against environmental stressors even while in the air. Plus, with a universally flattering hint of tint, you know you’ll wake up looking refreshed and ready to go. That’s what we call pulling overtime.#professional. 


From the company that actually managed to vacuum your dog’s hair out of your couch, comes a hair dryer that’s even more impressive (and small enough to pack in your carry-on). Dyson re-thought the hair dryer, giving the trusted tool a much-needed 2017 update. 

The Dyson Supersonic is fast-drying (a must for busy ladies), protects your hair from damage with tech that measures the tool’s temp 20 times per second, is engineered for balance so it won’t weigh your arm down, and did we mention it’s sound is inaudible? Yes, it’s virtually silent. So you can dry your hair just about anywhere. It’s a futuristic hair tool for right now. 

What are your spring 2017 #travelhacks? Share in the comments below!