20 Amazing Mic Drops from C&C Keynotes

Photo credit: Smith House Photography 

Photo credit: Smith House Photography 

We're still riding the wave of Create & Cultivate SXSW and sharing 20 of our favorite moments from last week's popup featuring keynotes: Brit Morin, Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart, and Kristen Bell. 

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"I put my name in it because I want people know I'm real about this. I'm a real person. When you Tweet me, I'm gonna Tweet you back. When you Instagram I'm gonna Instagram you back. It's not a brand just trying to be a brand." Brit Morin on incorporating herself into the company.  

“I don’t think women brag about themselves enough.” Brit Morin on being a powerful woman in charge. 

“Cooperation over domination is going to be the cure.” Kristen Bell on what will move the business needle forward.

"Cooperation over domination is going to be the cure." 

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Photo credit: Smith House Photography 

Photo credit: Smith House Photography 

“Investors want to invest in people.” Brooklyn Decker on being yourself in meetings and believing in yourself. 

“To know your differentiators you have to know the marketplace. Do you research.” Whitney Casey on how to enter VC meetings. 

“Be incredibly well-researched on the market that you’re entering. Understand it so well and it will help you prepare for any meeting.” Brooklyn Decker on how to enter VC meetings. 

“If I were a young woman right now I would learn how to code.” Whitney Casey on how we change the male-dominated tech world.   

Photo credit: Smith House Photography 

Photo credit: Smith House Photography 

“Beyoncé, she’s our user, she’s our girl.” Brooklyn Decker on her Finery dream user.

"Good ideas spread, they're the best infections." Kristen Bell 

"We want to work, but we also want to create." Brit Morin on the impetus of Brit+Co. 

"You can kick down the door but you better be ready to fight when you get in there." Mamrie Hart on breaking down barriers (and kicking down doors above). 

"You can kick down the door but you better be ready to fight when you get in there."

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"If you try to please your audience you're not being your authentic self." Marie Hart. 

"When I would start to cry I would run to the bathroom to study it." Mamrie Hart on being an 8-year-old asking for an agent. 

"We're literally two girls with the last name Hart who started our YouTube channels in the exact same month drinking and making puns and we literally still don't feel competitive. So, there's enough room for everyone." Mamrie Hart on female competition and how she, Hannah, and third "Holy Trinity" member Grace Helbig really do support each other offline. 

"We focus so much on being pitted against each other, but we don't think about the social construct that has put us in the pit. That's the thing we should get together and try and change." Hannah Hart on women supporting women.

"It's intention into action. If you're intention is to get a lot of views and be famous, you can study all the strategies and compromise your values, but it might not work. So wouldn't it be better to make something you're proud of?" Hannah Hart of content creators breaking into the crowded space of social. 

"Ask for what you want." Mamrie Hart. Keeping it simple and smart. 

"This year especially, I just want to be around strong women. And I really want to focus on me and my girls going for it as hard as we can right now. I'm 33 and I really want to hit it hard right now. People are like, 'This is when you freeze your eggs,' and I'm like, 'No, this is when I get a frozen margarita with my bitches.' I feel like women right now need to come together." Mamrie Hart on the "Pussy Posse 2017" bracelets she gave to her friends. 

"In this 'climate' I'm worried that we're so focused on protecting our individual 'I's' that we're not listening to other people's 'we's.'' Hannah Hart on the need to be inclusive. 

"I believe our give back is the reason we are so successful." Kristen Bell on why she believes in This Bar Saves Lives and why she thinks social responsibility is the move. 

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