Links From Our Group Chat: Reese and the WSJ, Art Prints We Love & The Martha Stewart Empire


Cozy up on your couch for some Sunday night inspo. 

Did you know a woman invented forensics?

Martha Stewart. And her 30-year empire. 

We love this. "Witherspoon starts and ends her days with her nose in a book, nonfiction in the morning (“something that gives me food for thought,” she says) and fiction in the evening (“escapism!”)." We also love this WSJ profile. 

It's live! The Chasing Paper Print Shop, which is an art collection that coincides with Chasing Paper's core mission - design should be for everyone. We happen to agree. They launched Friday with 24 high-quality prints at 30% less then competitors in the space.  The goal is to make thoughtful design easier for people to get into their homes. Plus, we've got a discount code for the C&C community. (The code is C&C for 10% off any print-- includes framing.)

Might Harvey Weinstein actually be arrested? Justice might prevail. 

We choose you. Who is part of your 'chosen family?'